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What Makes a Good Humidor?

What Makes a Good Humidor

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

You have been smoking cigars for some time and it has been great. Smoking is now a passion and you feel it is time to start stocking the cigars. You need a humidor. This is a storage device used to keep cigars fresh without damaging their flavor. The main question that many people have at this point is: “What makes a good humidor?”

Go for the Humidor that can accommodate all your Cigars

When you decide to purchase a humidor, well, you need to work with numbers. Many are the times that smokers buy humidors only to realize they are too small. They have to go back into the market. If you are a cigar distributor or collector, it is advisable to go for cabinet humidor. These are models that can be used to stock large quantities of cigars with differing flavors.
If you only want to store a few dozen cigars, it is advisable to pick a tabletop humidor. These models can store approximately 50 cigars. They are also preferred by many smokers because they blend well with other furniture in a home.

Note that if you select the wrong humidor, the chances are that your cigars will be stuffed and maintaining the right humidity could be difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the rule of the thumb: “always go for the humidor that is slightly bigger than what you want”.

Factor Portability

Do you travel a lot? In many cases, smokers like using the cigars they have stored for assurance of quality and flavors. If you are less mobile, this should not worry you much. However, those who travel regularly should only go for mobile humidors. Here are the traits to look for in a mobile humidor:

  • Light.
  • Small and easy to fit you your pouch.
  • Firmly built.

Even if you own a full-sized humidor, it is advisable to invest in a portable model to have ample cigars to smoke when away from home.

The High the Quality the Better

If you want value from a humidor, go for high-quality. Though most of the humidors in the market are tagged “best quality”, you need to carefully evaluate them to pick the right option. The best humidors in the market are designed with cedar. The wood is known for its good characteristics of preserving humidity. However, you could also consider those made from other woods such as cherry and maple.

It is also important to note the newer models in the market are also designed from veneers. Though they look just like the wooden designs, the quality is generally lower. Besides, the price is lower compared to the common wooden models.

Go for a Humidor with In-built Accessories

When you purchase a humidor, there are two main accessories; thermometer and hygrometer. Though the accessories can be purchased separately, it is advisable to go for the designs with the accessories in-built in the system. When the accessories are inbuilt, they are pre-tested to guarantee optimal performance. However, the humidors with in-built accessories have a higher price.

The Final Take

If you want to enjoy every puff of your cigar, it is prudent to go for the best. Though there is no one-fits-all model for all, it is important to ensure that the selected model is of high-quality and can hold all the cigars you want. To enjoy every puff from your cigar, make sure to go for the best humidor.

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