What is the Best Humidity for Cigar?

Best Humidity for Cigar

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Cigars are premium products that come with their own set of storage requirements. You have to store them in perfect humidity conditions so that they remain fresh and taste the same. You will have to throw them away if you expose them to improper humidity for a long time.

Perfect humidity for cigars

You have to keep cigars in a humidity of 62% to 74%. It is the range at which tobacco is grown in the cigar’s country of origin. Ideal humidity is 70%, but it is extremely hard to maintain this level at all times. You can store cigars in a humidor. These are devices made to store cigars at the right humidity. But just storing cigars in a humidor does not ensure proper humidity. You will have to check the value continuously and make adjustments to the humidity level if necessary.

Once cigars have left the factory, they will have about 12 to 15% moisture. Maintaining the same moisture level is important, especially if you want to preserve the original flavor.

Cigar aficionados know the importance of maintaining the perfect humidity. Cigars dry out easily if they do not get humidity. But there are ways of rehydrating a cigar.

Here’s an article that talks about the best humidity for cigar. Well, we have answered that already (70% being ideal), but there is more you need to know.

For starters, let’s understand why humidity matters. As we move on, you will come across the ways to increase and decrease humidity.

Let’s dive right into the article.

Why humidity matters?

If the cigars are kept in excess humid conditions, they will absorb moisture and become too damp. You won’t be able to light them properly. If you try to bring it back to its old form by keeping it in dry conditions, it will make matters even worse. The cigar will shrink and the wrapper will start to peel-off. You have only one option left to do if your cigars have gone too damp – throw them away. They might also catch mold when they are stored in excess moisture.

Similarly, they will get dried up when stored in low humidity conditions. They will lose their flavor and taste and they won’t be the same even if you try to smoke dry cigars.

So, if you have invested in some premium cigars, you are responsible for taking good care of them, otherwise throwing them away is equivalent to flushing your money into the toilet.

How to increase humidity?

If you notice a change in the flavor of your cigars, you might want to re-check the humidity levels in the humidor. You can wipe the insides of the humidor with a wet towel if there is low humidity as per the hygrometer. If your humidor is new, it might take a while for it to reach optimum levels. Initially, after placing the cigars, you can check the cigars daily for any change in freshness. With time, you can reduce the intensity of checking the humidity levels. But, it is also better to monitor the humidity levels occasionally to prevent sudden drying up of all your cigar supplies.

Also, take care while closing the humidor. Make sure there are closed properly, else there will be airflow which will hinder the device’s mechanism changing the humidity levels. Refresh the regulator with distilled water regularly. It can help maintain the humidity at the ideal range.

How to decrease the humidity?

To decrease the humidity levels, you can keep the humidor open for some time. You can also place the device under direct sunlight for some time. It will help the humid air to escape from the device. Additionally, you can remove the water from the humidor. Filling excess water or refilling frequently can increase the humidity of the device. There are also humidor beads available in the market. You can keep them inside the humidor to absorb the excess moisture in the device.

Keep a check on the hygrometer to find out the humidity levels of the humidor. Invest in a good, digital hygrometer. Analog ones will most probably give a faulty reading and you won’t know until all your cigars are ruined.

What affects the humidity level?

Placement of the humidor plays the biggest role in humidity level change. The air surrounding might be moist or dry depending on devices like air-conditioner, heater, etc., in the room. Factors like cold air, direct sunlight, etc., play an important role in affecting the humidity of the device. From your part, you can store them away from direct sunlight or any other harsh factors that can instantly affect the humidity.

What if you don’t have a humidor?

If you a seasoned cigar smoker, you might want to invest in a humidity control device as quickly as possible unless you enjoy wasting money on cigars that will get ruined fast. But if you are not a regular smoker and a stash of cigars with you right now. You can store them in a zip lock or an air-tight container with a wet cloth or sponge in it. It will help keep the cigar moist and prevent them from drying up quickly.

However, it is not a permanent remedy and it is always better to store them in a humidor to ensure a long life for the cigars you have invested in. Also, keep no stones unturned when it comes to storing your cigars. Even if you have a good quality cigar humidor, do check the humidity levels and change the range if you find even the slightest change in the cigar quality.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article helped you understand the reasons to maintain humidity and the ways to increase or decrease it.
Forward it to your friends, family, colleagues, or any cigar aficionado. Invest in a humidor, but if you are not a regular cigar smoker, find out the ways to store the precious cigars. Zip lock or an air tight container will work!

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