How to use a Cigar Humidor?

How to use a Cigar Humidor

A cigar is not like cigarettes. First, it is expensive and thicker as compared to a regular cigarette. An average cigar costs around five U.S dollars and that’s the price of a whole pack of cigarettes.

Cigarettes are cheaper for a reason. Cigars are expensive mainly because it is made with special care and is certainly plusher than a regular cigarette. Secondly, it has a low consumption rate. A cigar can last even for up to a day. Meaning, the time it takes to smoke half a pack of cigarettes is the time it takes to smoke a one cigar. Usually, people empty 2 boxes of cigarettes. It is easy for a heavy smoker to finish 10-20 cigarettes a day. Well, it’s certainly dangerous for their health.

Lastly, A cigar needs care. Cigars have longer life spans than cigarettes. One can smoke a whole cigar pack up to a month or two while a pack of cigarettes does not even have a life span of a day. Thus, they need the care to maintain their quality (softness and bouquet). And for that, you need a humidor.

Cigars leave the factory with about 12 to 15% moisture and maintaining humidity is crucial. If it gets dry, you will not enjoy smoking the cigar. Hence, we suggest you to invest in a humidor.

In case you are a regular cigar smoker, buying a humidor makes sense. For anyone who is new to cigar smoking, consider rehydrating the cigar or storing it in zip lock bags or air tight containers.

Since you are here, let’s share some necessary details. We will answer some really important questions in this article.
1. What is a cigar humidor?
2. How to use the cigar humidor?

Let’s get started with the first section.

What is a cigar humidor?

A cigar humidor is a sealed container used for storing cigars and keeping them fresh. The humidor box has the task of making sure the cigar does not dry-out, and therefore, it is a must-have for your cigar quality maintenance.

Many people opt for Boveda bags as the cheaper option, but humidors have a longer lifespan than them.

How do you use a humidor?

A humidor is just like any other object and has some basic things to follow through to use it. Below are ways on how to use it;

• Add a humidor solution to your humidor box.
The humidor solution will serve as a preservative for the cigars by stopping them from getting molds. The humidor solution consists of distilled water and glycol propylene. At the bottom of the humidor box is where you will add the solution. When placing your humidifier, use a measuring cylinder or beaker. The reason for doing this is to prevent your humidor box from soaking.

• Place a humidifier inside the humidor box.
The humidifier is a device that maintains the humidity in a humidor box. The device is chargeable, and it is important to charge it before placing it in your humidor box. Place a hygrometer inside the humidor box.

The hygrometer serves as a humidity detector inside the humidor box. Now, the hygrometer also helps you determine the moistness of your cigar. Cigar smokers tend to have different preferences when it comes to the moistness of cigars. Some like their cigar a bit moist while some others like their cigar damp moist. Thus, the hygrometer serves as an indicator for the moisture rate. After placing your hygrometer, close the lid of the humidor box tight.

• Be sure to check the humidity regularly.
We would advise the checkups should be at least daily. The limit to which the humidor wood gets stabilized is 65 percent (check that in your hygrometer).

Make sure you wipe your humidor box with a dry cloth with no water. Why? Wood tends to rot when exposed to water.

Tips on caring for your Humidor

The humidor box needs the care to prolong its longevity. Remember! Buying a humidor is an investment in your cigars, as it is its keeper. It is just like buying a house and hiring security to guard it. Thus, below are some of the tips for caring for your humidor box.

• Keep your humidor box at ordinary room temperatures.
Regardless of having a humidor solution, the humidor box can get affected by environmental temperature. Thus, placing your humidor box in extreme weather(a sunny environment or a cold one) will affect your cigars’ humidification.

• Place your humidor box in a locked place.
The importance of doing this is that it will avoid the possibility of accidents. Your humidor box is likely to be wood and hence, brittle. Thus, a single knock from an elevated height can break it.

• Use a dry cloth to clean your humidor box.
It is to maintain the surface smoothness and texture of your humidor box. When dusting it out, you can use a smooth brush or a blower if you have any. Avoid at all costs, cleaning it with water as the water will destroy the wood.

• Avoid putting heavy objects on top of your humidor box.
Remember what we said earlier! Your humidor box is wooden, and thus, submissive to pressure. So, it is crucial to avoid placing heavy objects on top of your humidor box.

• Tend polishing it every after a year or two.
Polishing it will keep your humidor box looking new. It will also prevent pests like termites from destroying it.

Apart from caring for your humidor box and cigars, you also need to take care of your humidifier and hygrometer. The two devices are delicate, and if not cared for, they easily damage.

Concluding Thoughts

When selecting a humidor box, we would recommend you go for the wooden humidors. A wooden humidor box is not only attractive looking but also easy to care for it. On top of that, a wooden humidor does not absorb water, making it perfect for the humidification process.
To conclude, we hope this article helped you understand what a humidor does and the right way to use it.

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