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For a cigar enthusiast, cutting a cigar before smoke is a very artistic job. The cigar to be well lit has to be shaped perfectly. It should be cut in such a way that the cigar has the correct airflow. A perfect smoke allows the air to be carried in the cigar, and then you can enjoy the smoke.

For the perfect smoke, you need to opt for an excellent cutter. Cutters in the market are of different shapes and sizes. Before buying a cutter, you need to make sure which type of cutter suits your technique? The preference of smokers varies from person to person.

Following are the type of cutters with their specification. If the cutter meets your technique, you know from where to buy it. Read patiently so that you can make the most out of your cigar.

Guillotine Cutters

It is the most famous and best seller cutter in the market. Find me a cigar enthusiast with no idea of guillotine cutter. Such is the impact of the cutter.

The guillotine cutters are the standard cutters in the cigar world. Guillotine cutter is usually preferred by the smokers because of its size. It can be carried anywhere. It can fit well in your trousers and your shirt pocket. They are affordable in the price range.

The guillotine cutters come into two varieties. The first cutter is the single blade cutter, and it is the cheapest one. The second one is the double blade cutter, and smokers prefer it over the first one to get a cleaner cut.

The guillotine cutter has another reason to be famous as well. The reason is that they are straightforward to use and handle. At the end of your cigar, you might notice a faint line. You have to place the guillotine cutter in a way that it does not unravel more than the marked line. Once you made up your mind. Decide the depth and apply strong on the cigar. With a swift blow, you will have a clean cut on your cigar, and you are easy to go. Now, gently tap the cigar to ensure the loose tobacco falls out. The newly cut cigar is ready to use.

The Cigar Scissors

The competition that a cigar scissor gives the guillotine cutter is worth a watch. The guillotine cigar is worthy of use when it is a regular cigar. For a cigar lover who prefers different shapes and sizes, choose cigar scissors. For wide cigars and irregular shapes (the torpedo shape or the pyramid shape), cigar scissors provide better cuts. The cigar scissors are more adjustable and allow superior quality cutting. The guillotine cutter is limited to ring gauge cutting only.

The cigar scissors must be ensured with regular sharpening. The scissor blades must be sharpened so that they give the sharp cuttings in the cigar. A sharp and clean-cut makes the cigar delightful.

To use the cigar scissors, you need to find the marked, fainted line on the cigar. Hold the cigar and wet the cap with your mouth. Assume the line, and slide the scissor. You might find it difficult as the first-timer. But with time you will learn better. Now apply little pressure quickly. You might see stray pieces which you can trim later. The sharper the bladeless is the stray piece.

The V Cutter Blades

The V cutter is also called the notch cutter or the wedge cutter. It physically appears as the guillotine cutter. However, on the application, you will find the difference.

The guillotine cutter cuts real straight. At the same time, the V cutter gives a narrow cut on the cigar cap. A good V cutter pierces relatively deep in the cigar filler. The profound amount allows better air circulation and enhances the smoking experience.

While buying a V cutter, you need to take care of the blade. Failing to do it might kill the quality of the best cigars.

Using the V Cutter is a tactic. It needs practice and patience. Those who lack the audacity of time on a cigar should prefer the guillotine cutter. But, one with patience and time will instantly find a difference in V Cutter blades. It is seen that the V Cutter fades the bitterness of the cigar.

To use a V Cutter, you need to keep the cigar in one hand and use the cutter in the other hand. Now, pull to open the blade at its ends. Place the cigar and, with a swift motion, squeeze the cutter inside. It will create a notch in your cigar, and you are ready to smoke.

A Cigar Punch Cutter

Cigar enthusiasts who prefer narrow depth should use the punch cutter. The punch cutters come in a variety of sizes. According, to the little circle, you choose. You can buy a cigar punch cutter.

Since the punchcutter does not have to open a longer length, it does not compromise the shape of your cigar. With a small hole, the tobacco flakes do not enter your mouth. But, there is the fact that the small hole does not allow better circulation. So, the cigar may frequently go out. Also, the punch cutter is used with the round cap of the preferred size, 40.

The punch cutter comes with a lid. You have to remove the cover to use the device. Press the tube-shaped edge on the cap of the cigar. Keep twisting until you reach the desired depth.

The result expected from a punch cutter is a small hole in the cigar cap. This hole can be made wider by repeating the twisting process near the first hole. To remove the lid from the cutter, you have to gently press the cutter backward.

To Wrap Up

The techniques that can help your cigar a cleaner cut are essential. A clean-cut allows the correct circulation in your cigar. If you can well light your cigar and enjoy with the guillotine cutter, you shouldn’t switch to other blades. Your cigar decides your cutter, most of the time. Choose the cutter that gives you the perfect cut and is easy for you to use.

Written by Cigars to Enjoy

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