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How to Store Cigars?

How to Store Cigars

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Whether you first tasted a fine cigar from a friend watching a soccer derby, or puffed on a visit to the Dominican Republic, the fact is that turning into a cigar aficionado is pretty much like falling in love. That is right. At first, you are skeptical, but a few leaps into it make you and cigars almost inseparable.

After starting to collect the cigars, you will need to store them appropriately. Here, you need to get it right; a stainless container will not be enough. Just like fine wine, it is prudent to have the right storage conditions in order to store the cigars without losing their flavors. The following is a guide on storing cigars properly.

All about Storing Cigars

Since cigars are made from natural materials, that is leaves from tobacco, they are likely to decay over time if not stored properly. The curing process only helps to dry the leaves while fermentation requires that they are always kept moist to maintain the original flavor. Therefore, how do you store the cigars?

Proper Temperatures

The target should be keeping the cigars in the temperatures that match the tropical regions where tobacco grows. This means you need to maintain the storage facility’s temperatures at around 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to note that storing the cigars at this temperature range does not just help to preserve the flavor. It is also important in preventing the invasion by cigar beetles. If the temperatures are too high, the chances are that the beetles will invade and damage your collection.

Proper humidity levels

Humidity is as important as temperatures when storing your cigars. What this means is that approximately 13% of your cigar weight should be humidity. Interestingly, the recommended level of humidity for storing cigars is between 68% and 72%: almost the same as the temperatures. This is the main reason why you should follow the 70/70 rule (temperature to humidity).

Keeping cigars humid is important because it helps them to maintain the aroma and flavor by retaining essential oils. Besides, the right humidity also ensures that the cigars do not light like fire. Therefore, you can be sure of smoking them for a long period.

The right way hit the balance between temperature and humidity is storing the cigars in a humidor. As the name suggests, a humidor is a device that provides a humid environment to help keep the cigars fresh and retain their original flavors.

How to Select the Right Humidor for Storing Cigars

A humidor is a cabinet or box designed with a tight seal to help contain the moisture and temperature. Here are some useful tips to help you pick the right humidor.

  • A good humidor should have a thermostat and hygrometer that allows you to store the cigars in the perfect condition.
  • Though newer humidors models made of veneers are available in the market, the best designs are made with top wood such as cedar and cherry.
  • Look for the humidor that can accommodate all your cigars. The rule of the thumb is to go for a humidor that can accommodate slightly more cigars than you need.


If you love cigars, being able to store them properly is very important. Make sure to select the humidor model that is designed with high-quality timber and that features inbuilt accessories to keep the temperatures and humidity at the right levels.

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