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How to Season a Humidor?

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Last Updated on March 28, 2021

If you are a cigar aficionado, there is no doubt that a humidor is a handy investment. After buying a humidor, the wooden interior can suck humidity and compromise the device’s efficiency. Therefore, you need to season the humidor. This post is a step-by-step demonstration of how to season a humidor.

Start by Calibrating the Hygrometer

Before you can start seasoning the humidor, the first step should be calibrating the hygrometer. Though most hygrometers are calibrated in the factory, it is advisable to test them for assurance that they will deliver the anticipated humidity levels. There are two methods of calibrating the hygrometer:

  • The Salt Test Method: Fill a bottle cap (approximately 1 teaspoonful) with water and add some water until it takes a cake like outlook. Put inside the humidor and leave for 12 hours. The humidity should be 75%. If it falls too low or high you have to reset the hygrometer.
  • Calibration Kit: These are plastic bags with salt packets measured to deliver 75% humidity over 24 hours. They are designed to help reduce the margin error of the hygrometer. To use the kit, simply open one bag, place in the humidor, and wait for 24 hours. If the hygrometer does not read 75%, it will require adjustments.

The Four Step Humidor Calibration Process

Wipe the Interior of the Humidor with Distilled Water

The first step involves wiping the humidor with a wet sponge. Dip a sponge in distilled water and wipe the interior of the humidor. Make sure to also wipe the shelves and the lid.
To avoid damaging the wood, you should not over saturate the wood or pour water in the humidor. Rather, the goal is ensuring that the wood cells absorb enough moisture without damaging the humidor.

Place a Sponge Soaked in Distilled Water inside the Humidor

Once you have wiped the humidor with distilled water, you need to allow the wood to absorb more humidity. Soak a sponge in distilled water and place it inside the humidor. Note that the sponge should be placed on a plastic bag or cellophane to ensure that water does not drip into the wood.

Fill the Humidifying Device

Most humidors come with a humidifying device that you are required to fill with distilled water or the recommended solution. Note that the device should not be oversaturated. Then, position it carefully in the humidor and wait for about 24 hours. In some cases, the manufacturer might require you to wait for more hours.

Repeat the Above Three Steps

Once the 24 hours are over, you will need to repeat the process. However, this time you should not leave a wet sponge inside the humidor. Then, wait for another day and your humidor should be ready to use. It is time to place your cigars in the humidor. However, if you find the hygrometer reading below 72 degrees, you will need to repeat the entire process another time.

The Final Take

If you have just bought a humidor or want to start re-using an old one, it is prudent to ensure that it is properly seasoned. This gives you the assurance that it will maintain cigars in the right humidity to retain their flavors.

Note that though the above process will work with most humidors, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guide if it is provided.

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