How to remove Cigar smell from clothes?

How to remove Cigar smell from clothes

People started smoking cigars ever since they were discovered by Columbus among Mayans, who later brought the habit with him to Europe.

Today, all over the world, we have cigar lovers and aficionados. But none of us like the staggering cigar smell on our clothes, upholsteries, and home. Smoking a cigar can be highly satisfying, but the smell from clothes can lead to domestic issues. Why do we say so? Your spouse will get to know that you have been smoking!

Well, there is no harm in smoking a cigar once in a while, but the smell from clothes can be irksome. Moreover, it may be tough to remove the smell from clothes. Here’s something you need to know: there are many ways to remove the smell from our clothes. It is better to treat the clothes immediately after it starts to smell. It will be easier to get rid of the smell if it is treated quickly.

Getting rid of cigar smell takes time, so patience is an important ingredient you will need.

It’s all in your head.

So, let’s jump to the first section of the article – why do the clothes retain the door? As we move forward, you will get to know about how to remove cigar smell from clothes.

Why do the clothes retain the odor?

The odor is a result of the combustion of tobacco. The ash is the residue containing non-combustible minerals. They are small in size and cling to cloth fabrics and are hard to remove. The smoke is a result of incomplete combustion and the resulting residual oils add to the smell.
But, if you carelessly put them to wash with other clothes without the odor, you are in for trouble. The cigar odor will pass on to all the clothes in the machine. To make matters worse, it will cling to the machine and pass the odor during all future wash. In the end, you will have all the odor in all your clothes.

You might be tempted by handy home remedies that involve sprinkling a lot of ingredients available in the kitchen. However, the authenticity of these tips is questionable and you might end up damaging your clothes by adding harsh chemicals into the cloth. The smell won’t go away unless you use the right chemicals to break the bonds and absorb the molecules causing the odor.

You can follow the step-by-step guide to get rid of the smell for real instead of chasing baseless home remedies that may or may not work.

How to get rid of the odor from clothes?

Before taking the clothes for a wash, brush and clean them neatly to remove any residue left on the fabric lint. The next step is to steam the clothes thoroughly. After that, hang them to air-out for some time. The last step is to put on the clothes for a wash.

1. Hand wash
Soak the clothes in water filled with baking soda, preferably overnight. It will help to remove the odor. After soaking, you can hand wash the clothes like you normally do. You can also add white vinegar instead of soaking the clothes in baking soda. If you are using the vinegar method, clean the clothes in water, add the vinegar, let it soak for some time before completely washing the clothes once more.

2. Machine wash
For those clothes that can be machine washed. Put the clothes in a washing machine, give a thorough rinse, pause the machine and add some white vinegar. Now, wait for some time, preferably an hour, and give another thorough round of rinsing.

3. Hang in the open air
There’s nothing like fresh air!

When you want to smoke, you usually open the window so that room doesn’t get filled with smoke. It’s quite simple to get of tobacco smoke smell from clothes. You can air-out the smell from the garments. Hang the clothes in the open air or keep them near a plant. If you are planning to hang them indoors, switch on the fan for air circulation. Depending on how much the clothes got saturated with smoke, you can hang them for a few days to a few weeks.

After washing the clothes, hang them in the sunlight to remove any trace of remaining odor. You can also dry them in a clothes dryer. Also, if you are drying the clothes in sunlight, remember to put dark-shaded clothes in the shade to prevent them from fading.

Use a fabric freshener

If the odor lingers, spray some fabric freshener on them. You can either use scented or unscented formulas. These come with molecules that will bind with the odor and get rid of them. For those clothes that cannot be washed, you can use the same method. Continue to hang the clothes in the air for some time if you are spraying fabric freshener on them.

Seal in method

Another method is to put a spoonful of baking soda into a seal-in container and keep your clothes inside it. It will absorb the odor from the clothes. You can keep the clothes this way for about a week. Please do not keep them for a long time as your clothes will get ruined.

Concluding Thoughts

Sometimes, it is not just the clothes that get the odor. The whole room may smell funny after an intense smoking session.

Let’s just say you are living with a family or some roommates. If you don’t want them to know, there are ways to go about it.

The best way to get rid of the smell is to air the room by keeping the windows and doors open. You can wash all other household washable upholsteries like rugs, bedsheets, etc. if you feel they smell like cigars. The steps are the same as the ones you did for washing clothes. You can also keep small bowls of vinegar in the room to absorb the smell. With a little care and quick action, you can easily remove the odor and continue enjoying your cigars!

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