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How to Rehydrate a Cigar?

How to Rehydrate a Cigar

Cigar smoking is not like cigarette smoking. With cigarettes, you can smoke a whole pack even every day. When it comes to cigars, the smoking rate decreases (unless you are an addict). You can smoke a single cigar in a day or even longer, depending on your smoking rate. Thus, a cigar pack can last up to a couple of months or two if the smoker is an occasional smoker.

There are some concerns regarding cigars, and we have tried to answer the queries in this article.

Do the cigars stay fresh for that long?

Cigars have a life span of two to three days on an unsealed box. Afterward, they lose their humidity.

Thus, most people tend to use a humidor box to keep them from drying out.

So, what is a humidor box?

A humidor box is a small box used for providing a humid environment for cigars and storage. The humidor box provides moist conditions for a cigar, preventing it from dehydrating. If you have watched Nas’s video for “27 Summers”, you have probably seen it. Thus, most occasional smokers use humidors to maintain the freshness of their cigars.

Alternatively, you can also use a Boveda humidor bag if you cannot afford a humidor box. The Boveda pack are small humidifiers used for storing cigars. They are as cheap as two hundred dollars.

What do you do when your cigar dehydrates?

When kept in a hot environment (over 28 degrees centigrade and above), cigars tend to dehydrate and lose their freshness. The good news about this is that they can rehydrate again.


If you are interested in knowing about ‘how to rehydrate a cigar’, keep reading. We have all the details here.

Here is how you can rehydrate your cigar;

Place your cigar in a zip lock bag or a sealed container. The zip lock bags will prevent heat and hot air from contacting the cigars.

Place some water inside the zip lock bag or sealed container. The water will act as the hydrating compound for the cigars. Alternatively, you can add a humidor solution. The humidor solution is more effective as it prevents your cigar from catching mold. The humidor solution consists of water (50 percent) and propylene glycol solution (50 percent). The propylene glycol solution is the one that acts as an anti-rot solution on the cigar. The humidor solution lasts up to six months on a cigar. You will probably need to buy it just two times a year for your cigar.

Place the container or zip lock bag in a moderate environment. The environment should not be too cold either too hot. We would suggest a temperature of twenty-one degrees Centigrade would be the ideal environment for the zip lock bag or sealed container.

Wait for the cigars to rehydrate in the zip lock bag or sealed container. The rehydration process of your cigar will directly depend on your cigar’s dryness. Meaning, the more the dryness of cigar, the more time it takes for it to hydrate.
Note; the bouquet will never come back once lost, even if you rehydrate the cigar.

How to know your cigar has hydrated?

A hydrated cigar is soft and elastic when pressed. To determine this, pinch the open end of your cigar gently and check for its softness. If the cigar appears to be soft and tender then, it is rehydrated. But if not, then store it again and wait until it hydrates.
When doing this, there is a precaution you need to take. Make sure that the cigar is not too hydrated. Once the cigar is too hydrated, it becomes hard light. On top of that, it may catch mold even if it has a humidor solution.

Tips on preserving and maintaining your rehydrated cigars

Once you have rehydrated your cigars, there are few things that you will need to follow to preserve your cigars. These few things include;

  • Place your cigars in the humidor: A humidor will maintain the freshness of your cigar and avoid drying out. Now, you can also use a Boveda bag as a substitute (but makes sure you add humidor solution on it). Remember, these are rehydrated cigars! You do not want to rehydrate again when it dries as it will lose its quality.
  • Make sure you place them long enough in a humidor before smoking them: The process will help you have almost the same experience with your rehydrated cigar as a new cigar. It is because it will be fresh when you want to use it.
  • Use a wooden humidor: The reason for this is that the wooden humidor is waterproof and does not absorb water. Some may opt for leather humidors but remember leather absorbs moisture leaving your cigars at risk of drying out.
  • Invest in a cigar caddy: A cigar caddy will be your back plan when you are using your cigar in a dry environment.

Concluding Thoughts

Cigars are like expensive cars. They need the highest care possible, or else they will cost you a loss.

Like we mentioned before, cigars are not like cigarettes. Cigarettes can be kept in open and even in the pocket of your jeans. The same is not possible with cigars! You have to ensure they are in a ziplock bag and are not out in the open.

If they get dry, you will not enjoy smoking it. The flavors get lost! Your first priority should be to maintain humidity. Keep it in a bag or use other ways to store it.

Do not let it get dry! In case it has already dried up, you can rehydrate it using different ways. If you are a regular cigar smoker, consider investing in a humidor.

Cigars are expensive, and smoking it is really enjoyable.

Make sure you handle your cigars with care to maintain their quality and life. The easiest way to start caring for them is by always keeping them in a cool room to avoid cracking and molding.

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