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How to Keep Cigars Fresh?

How to Keep Cigars Fresh

Whether you are a regular cigar smoker or a cigar hoarder, you might want to know how to keep them fresh. If you do not store them at the right temperature and humidity, the cigars will not be as fresh What’s worse? The cigars will dry up!

They won’t taste the same or will get damaged. So, it is important to understand how you can keep cigars fresh and why.

Optimal Conditions for Cigars

The ideal condition to store a cigar is at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% moisture. With the decrease in air temperature, increase the humidity to store the cigars fresh. So for 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to keep the cigar at 62% humidity.

You can re-moisture dry cigars by keeping them in a place with proper humidity for a long time. Bu the cigars won’t taste the same after re-moistening. Dry cigars will smoke hot and finish off quickly, some might even smoke unevenly. Similarly, a cigar kept in an over-moisturized environment will look damp and expanded in size. If you try to de-moisturize it, it will damage the cigar as the filler and binder will shrink making the wrapper lose. Besides, it will be hard to take a puff from a damp cigar. There are also chances of mold formation. You will have to throw away a damp cigar instead of trying to do damage control.

How to store cigars properly?

Many types of humidifying devices available in the market today can keep your precious cigars in perfect humidity. These devices will absorb the excess moisture if there is any. They can also impart moisture to the cigars if the environment lacks it.

To keep the cigars fresh you can either buy a humistat or use the paper towel method.


It is a device that can keep the cigars at 70% humidity all the time. They come in different sizes and shapes, can store up to 100 cigars depending upon their size. There are plenty of brands in the market selling humistats at different price ranges. All of them have got only one job to do – keep the cigars fresh. So, pick the one you like and you can safely keep your cigars fresh for a long time!


These are the perfect way to store cigars. They will create the climate of the Caribbeans, from where the cigars come. In cigar stores, an entire room will serve the purpose of a humidor. You can buy smaller box humidors to store cigars instead. Humidors need distilled water to function, you should not use tap water as it can allow mold formation.

Also, once a week or so, you are supposed to check the moisture level of the humidor. Look out for molds, if there is any, get rid of the cigars having it. But, if you see a light gray dusting on the wrapper, it is a sign of aging of cigars. Aging is a good thing, so please don’t get rid of the cigars thinking they have gone bad.

How to Set up a new humidor?

Add distilled water to the humidor and wait for a day or two. Then add some more water until it’s filled half-way. Keep the cigars in it and check the device every day to ensure it has the right moisture. Soon you can transition to checking once in a while. But it is better to check the moisture of the humidor every day to ensure your cigars are fresh.

A hygrometer is an optional device you can use. These show the humidity of the environment. You can place one inside your humidor. You can either get an analog one or a digital one. The analog device is not expensive but it might give faulty values, so it is not at all reliable. A digital hygrometer will cost a few more bucks but can give accurate values.

Paper towel / Sponge

If you don’t want to go for an expensive humidor or any other device to keep a tab of the humidity, you can use a paper towel or sponge. Take an airproof container and transfer about 25 cigars to it. Place a damp towel in the container, you can also use a sponge. Close the container and store it on a shelf or cupboard. Instead of a container, you can also rely on Ziploc bags. This easy method can keep your cigars moisturized at the right temperature. It can keep the cigars fresh for a few weeks.

You can also use a small cooler to store the cigars. It will do a decent job at keeping the cigars fresh for a few months. But if you are a regular cigar smoker, investing in a good quality humidor is the best option for you.

Other Options To Keep Cigars Fresh

Cigars dry out if the humidors aren’t there, but there are certain ways you can keep it fresh.

  • Invest in zip loc disposable bags. Wet a sponge and keep this with the cigars in the zip-loc bag. This technique works if you have a couple of cigars to store.
  • If you want to store the cigar for 10 days, consider keeping them in a glass jar. Make sure you close the lid tightly. Use a large jar so that the cigars fit inside.
  • In case you don’t want to use a sponge, use moisture beads instead. These are quite cheap, and they do the job pretty well.
  • Don’t take out the cigars from the box. Keep them in a dark and cool place so that they remain fresh. Take it out when you need it. If you are not a regular smoker, the cigars will stay fresh inside the wrapper for almost a month.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know how to keep cigars fresh, you won’t end up wasting your cigar collection out of ignorance. Also, please take them out of the packages they come with. No matter how fancy the packages look, they cannot control the humidity. Keep your cigars fresh and use them as you please!

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