How to Hold a Cigar?

How to Hold a Cigar

Have you ever wondered what the right way to hold a cigar is? Whether you are smoking a small essential cigar or going for the conventionally luxurious Cigar, holding a cigar is no less than an art. Right from choosing, cutting, lighting, and smoking, everything is vital for cigars.

The way every cigar lover holds a cigar is different and is performed subconsciously. Usually, people do not put a second thought to the manner in which they hold a cigar, but knowing the various methods of using one, can help you to choose the best cigar for yourself.

Indeed, the way you hold a cigar is one of the key components to understand the cigar-smoking experiences. As said by Zino Davidoff, “A cigar is smoked not only with the mouth but with the hand, the eyes and with the mind.”

So, if you wish to know the various methods of holding the Cigar and the classy ways that define you like the cigar aficionado, then have a look at the details below.

Ways to hold the Cigar

Should I hold in my left hand or right hand? Shall I use index finger and thumb or index and middle finger? What to do with the band? There must be many questions that you might be facing while you plan to hold a cigar.

So here are some of the most famous ways and methods to hold the Cigar:

● The Respectful Grip
The best way to show reverence and respect while holding a cigar is using this method. The Cigar is held between the thumb and middle figure with little pressure to keep the Cigar refrained from falling. Usually favored for long cigars, this is one of the classy ways to hold the Cigar.

● The Wheeler Dealer
Holding the Cigar between your index and middle fingertips while sitting upright and keeping the thumb and palm open is a welcoming gesture for experiencing the Cigar. A great posture that shows confidence while trying to sell your idea or build a friendship to hold cigars to bring in a new relationship.

● The Pinch
One of the most common ways to hold the Cigar is The Pinch. Usually confused with the Respectful Grip, this involves using the index finger and thumb to create a firm grip by gently pressing the Cigar at the band end. This method is usually the symbol of a sensible and fair-minded person in what he is dealing with.

● The Conspirator
This involves using two fingers on the top and a thumb at the bottom of the Cigar. The Cigar is held to tap it as it is to release the ash in the tray. This involves clutching the Cigar softly while smoking while losing the grip to tap using the index finger.

● The Triple Support
A bit old school style of holding the Cigar involves using the forefinger and middle finger on the cigar band and thumb supporting from below. This offers a more firm grip but is well-practiced less.

● The Pressure Cooker
Another old method of holding the Cigar involves the use of all the fingers at one side of the Cigar and the support offered by the thumb from the other side. The full support provided to the Cigar with the palm open is usually linked to the deadline or missing something important.

● The Pool Cue
Quite a common technique that cigar lovers adopt involves thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. The Cigar is held with the support of the closed fist involving the middle finger, and the forefinger is wrapped from side to top of the Cigar. The thumb supports from the end, creating a lock with the index finger. This is also known as the Art Collector.

● The Open Palm
Holding the Cigar with no support between the index finger and middle finger with the palm open results in providing a bit weak posture. Also, when a person holds the Cigar in this manner, there are chances of the ash dropping prematurely, ending with wasting the Cigar.

● The Penny Pincher
If you actually do not want to hold the Cigar between your fingers but still are looking to experience one, this is for you. Using the cigar holder to affix the Cigar and carrying the holder is one common way here. But if you do not have the holder near you, use a paperclip or a tweezer to fix the Cigar and enjoy it.

● The Prime Minister
Also known as the Comper, this method does not involve holding the Cigar in your hand. But rather keep the Cigar in the mouth and puff it. While this is one of the rarest ways of taking the puff, he instead feels comfortable talking while having a cigar in his mouth when one is using this method. Though not a very appreciable or acceptable way of holding a cigar, some people still adopt it.

Know Some Dos and Don’ts

While you know the primary ways of holding a cigar, it is equally important to know the basic dos and don’ts related to cigars.

Dos of Cigar
● Warm the cigar foot slightly before taking the puff.
● Ensure to remove the band after lighting the Cigar.
● Be patient, do not haste to finish.
● To be a cigar aficionado, hold the Cigar between your index finger and your thumb.
● Try to put it down when the Cigar is done halfway.
● Do keep a time gap between consequent cigars.

Don’ts of Cigar
● Avoid using the jackknife to cut the cigar end.
● Avoid the direct contact of flame to Cigar for long.
● Relight Cigar if more than one-fourth is left.
● Avoid cleaning the Cigar between teeth.
● Do not haste to smoke and avoid wetting the other end.
● Never ask others to light the Cigar, as it takes time, so do it yourself.


“Cigar smoking knows no politics. It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma.”- Anonymous

The symbol of relaxation, rest, and leisure, cigars, is one of the finest experiences. Though there are various ways of holding the Cigar, the most important thing to remember here is to adopt the grip that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Truly, cigar smoking is an art, and when you know the etiquettes, it adds a different level of charm to the cigar-puffing experience.

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