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How to Diagnose and Fix a Humidor Leak?

How to Diagnose and Fix a Humidor Leak

When you join the world of smoking cigars, it becomes part of you. To enjoy the thrill of different flavors, you have to store the cigars appropriately in a humidor. This is a device designed to help provide your cigars with conditions similar to those of the tropical regions where tobacco grow.

To maintain the humidity at about 70% and temperatures at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your humidor must be completely sealed. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout for signs of leakage and mend them immediately. This post will walk you via several methods that can be used to diagnose leaks in a humidor and demonstrate how to fix them.

Why Do Humidors Leak?

Interestingly, a leak in your humidor can emerge from the blues or in the box. If you use a glass top humidor, the chances of developing a leak are very high. The problem is caused by periodic expansion and contraction during the hot and cold seasons respectively. Because wood and glass have varying physical properties, the expansion and contraction can create gaps.

Another major cause of leakage is poor seasoning. If you fail to season the humidor well, it is likely to continue drawing more moisture and finally cause leaks.

Regardless of the cause of leakage, the main question is: “How do you diagnose and fix it?” Here are the two main methods that you can use:

The Dollar Bill Test Method

This method is considered the best when checking leaks in small desktop humidors. Here is how it works:

  • Select a firm dollar bill and make it as flat as possible.
  • Insert the bill about halfway into your desktop humidor and shut the lid.
  • Then, try pulling the bill out carefully. If the bill gets out fairly easy, your humidor is likely to have a problem.
  • Then, move the dollar bill to a different part of the humidor and repeat the process. Every point where the dollar comes out easily is likely to have a leakage problem.

Use the Flashlight Test

This test is especially effective for testing leaks in humidors when used together with the dollar bill test method. Besides, the flashlight test only works when a desktop humidor is made of glass. Here is the process to follow:

  • Look for a bright flashlight. A cell phone with a bright beam can also be used.
  • Dim or switch off the lights in the room. Then, move around the humidor with the flashlight checking for crack markings or gaps on the bottom/top of the lid.
  • If there is a leak, you should be able to see a beam of light getting inside the humidor.

How to Fix a Leak in Your Humidor

If you find a leak on the humidor, it is important to fix it immediately. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Apply an odorless silicone on the inner section of the humidor. Though you can also apply it on the exterior, it is not advisable because it could compromise the aesthetics of the device.
  • After applying the silicone seal, leave the humidor open for about three days to allow it to cure completely.
  • Check whether there are signs of more leaks. If you find any, apply the silicone seal and allow more time to dry.
  • Once the leaks are cleared, you can now store the cigars without worrying they will lose flavor.


If your humidor is leaking, it cannot maintain humidity at the recommended level of 70%. The above two methods can help you to identify the leaks. Then, make sure to seal them before storing your cigars in the humidor. If you want the best puffs from your cigars, they must be maintained in the right humidity.

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