How to Cut a Torpedo Cigar?

How to cut a Torpedo Cigar

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Cigar smoking gives you immense pleasure. The ritual of holding it, cutting, and lighting it has attracted many people to start smoking. Even non-smokers can agree that the ritual of cigar smoking is incredible.

If you are not a cigar aficionado, you might think that there is only one type of cigar. But the fact is that there are eight types of cigars. These eight types of cigars have two main groups. These groups are Parejo and Figurado. The Parejo cigars are cigars with straight-sided shapes. They include Lonsdale, Churchill, the double corona. The Figurado is a bit different. They are straight at the middle and pointed at either or both ends. The most common Figurado cigars are the torpedo.

Torpedo is a double-pointed cigar with rich flavor. If you an American crime fanatic, then you have probably seen a picture of notorious Al Capone smoking it. The torpedo is one of the best cigars in the world. They have a design that allows airflow in the middle, giving a smoker the best smoking experience. Thus, it is the cigar’s aficionado best cigar choice.

Since you are here for a reason, we have shared the different ways of cutting a torpedo cigar. If you are new to it, don’t get too ambitious and read through before cutting the cigar.

Let’s get started!

How do you cut a torpedo?

Cutting torpedo cigars can be tricky at times. It is because its caps are tip pointed, making it difficult to cut. Thus, here is how you cut a torpedo;

Cutting a torpedo using a guillotine cut

It is the easiest method of cutting a torpedo. Why? It is because the guillotine makes straight cuts making it easier to cut a torpedo cigar. Now, here is how to use a guillotine to cut a torpedo cigar;
• First, determine the cigar’s cap edge
The cigar cap is the one that will indicate where to cut.

• Secondly, wet the cap
It is to ease the cutting process and avoid tearing the wrapper during cutting. Some may opt not to do this as it tends to affect the flavor of the cigar. But if you are a beginner, it is best you do this.

• Place the head of your torpedo on the cutter
It is where you determine the cutting point of the torpedo cigar. The most crucial thinking is to torpedo level. The measurement for this is 0.25 inches, but you can try to exceed the limit if you want to.

• Cut your torpedo
The cutting process is the most crucial part. When cutting the torpedo, you need to cut it quickly and with force. It will give the torpedo cigar a clean cut.

• Clean the cut end of your cigar
You can do this by either tapping its end or blowing it gently.
Now, a torpedo is different from other cigars. It is tighter than other cigars. Thus, when you cut your torpedo cigar, you need to check the airflow by lighting it up. You can always trim it further if the airflow is still tighter.

Wedge cutter

It is one of the most cumbersome ways of cutting a torpedo. The wedge cutter produces a V-shaped cut that is hard to cut on a torpedo cigar. When using this cutter, it is best you use inverted blades to avoid breaking the cap of a torpedo.

Note – Ideally, a straight cutter will do the job efficiently. You have to ensure that you are not cutting too deep. Cut the tip and see if there is enough air passing out.

How to cut a torpedo using a wedge cutter?

• Determine the cap of your torpedo.
It will help you determine where you need to cut.

• Hold your torpedo and turn it upside down.
The logo label of your torpedo should face down when preparing it to cut it.

• Make a straight cutter using your wedge cutter.
The straight cut must be simultaneous and in sizeable measurements.

• Test the draw as you cut.
When cutting, you will have to test the draw until you get the perfect one. Be sure not to cut the entire head off.
Although its cutting process is cumbersome, the wedge cutter makes the perfect cuts for a torpedo. It is because of its clean-cut.

Cigar scissor

The cigar scissor cutting is also easy. All you have to do is determine the cap of your torpedo then place the on top of it then cut it with a thrust. Remember to watch out for the wrapper when cutting the torpedo cigar, as it might tear it (especially if you have blunt scissor blades).

Using a cigar scissor is easy, but you have to ensure you are not cutting too deep.

Once this has been taken care of, you can then enjoy the process.

Useful tips for cutting your torpedo cigar

To make precise cuts and enjoy smoking your torpedo, you need to take into account the following things;
• Not all torpedoes have caps, and so you need to consider that when cutting them.
• Cut in small measurements when using a wedge cutter.
• Never cut your torpedo with a punch cutter. (Punch cutter with ruin the tip and turn your torpedo cigar into a Parejo instead of a Figurado).
• Use a straight cutter like a guillotine cutter to cut your torpedo.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are a learner in cutting a cigar, we would advise you to start with a guillotine cutter. We would also advise you to start by cutting small measurements and drawing until you reach your preferred point.

Cigar smoking is fun, especially when you have a good branded cigar in your hand. Pair it up with the ideal drinks such as cognac, whiskey, scotch, or wine.

Pairing it with the right type of alcoholic beverage is important. You can’t just pick any alcohol and start smoking a cigar.

We hope this article helped you understand the ways of cutting a torpedo cigar. If you feel that your friends, family, and colleagues can learn something from this, feel free to share it!

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