How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter?

How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Cigars have been famous since the ending of the 20th century in the world. And for that, we must thank the film industry. A lot of occasional cigar smokers today have either been inspired by Don Corleone (Godfather), Tony Montana (Scarface), or characters from the 1980’s movie “The Untouchables” to smoke cigars.

That is why many people who smoke cigars wear suits like these characters. Some even buy expensive brand cigars and smoke them, just to make their cars or clothes smell like them.

You want to feel like these movie characters – that’s why you wish to try a cigar and perhaps post a picture with it on social media.

But, true cigar lovers would appreciate the flavors and feel of a cigar.

Here’s an article that discusses an important aspect of cigar smoking. How do you cut a cigar without using a cutter? Most people may not have a cutter at disposal – that’s why they need other ways to do the needful.

Keep reading to find out the ways!

How to Cut Cigars Without Using a Cutter

Now, cigars are not like cigarettes. They have caps at their end, and they need cutting before smoking. They usually have their cutters that cut cigars in different styles. But, in the cases where there is no cutter, here is how you cut a cigar;

Use a knife/Scissors

A knife is a blade, just like any cutter. Thus, you can use it to cut your cigar. Now, when using the knife, you need to make sure that it is sharp. Why? The sharpness contributes to the precision of the cut. Not only that, it ensures that the wrapper of the cigar and its content stays intact. Now, let us look at how to cut your cigar using a knife;

First, place your cigar on a table. Placing a cigar on a table will provide steady support for cutting your cigar. Some might try holding it in the air, but if you are a beginner, we would advise against that.

Second, mark the place you want to cut. The place is usually just above the cigar cap. Marking will provide you with the perfect target when thrusting the knife on the cigar.

Thirdly, thrust the knife on top of the target. The process must be swift and forceful to avoid tearing the wrapper and the insides of the cigars.

Fourthly, clean the cut end of the cigar. After cutting it, tap the cut end of the cigar to remove the loose tobacco. Afterward, try drawing and see if the airflow is perfect. If not, then repeat the above process until you get it right.

Alternatively, you can also punch a small hole on the cap of the cigar. When doing this, ensure your cigar cap hole is perfect for the airflow by cleaning it after cutting.

Biting the cigar cap

Biting involves tearing the cap of your cigar by teeth. The method is only suited for pro(s) who have done this multiple times. Otherwise, you should not do this method at all as you may end up ruining your cigar. Thus, here is how you do it;

First, place the head of the cap on your teeth. It is best you use your four front teeth as they provide a good view when tearing your cigar. Not only that, they do not cover a large area when biting the cigar cap.

Now, bring your teeth together slowly. It will lead to the cutting of the cap.


It involves taking out the cigar cap by pinching it off. The process requires long fingernails as they will play an essential part in the tearing process. There are two ways to go about this;

First, you wet the cigar cap, then tiring it in small bits till you take out the cigar cap. The way is safe, and it helps you determine the right size and draw of your cigar.

The second is by pinching it out. It may be nice as it is rapid. But the problem with this method is that you might damage the wrapper if you tire it wrong.

After doing either of these methods, you then make a hole in your cigar. You will use your fingernails when doing this and afterward clean the tobacco around your cigar by tapping it out.


The screwdriver method involves punching holes on the cigar cap using a screwdriver. The way is simple, and it goes like this;

Wet the cigar cap. You can do this either by rubbing water or alcohol on top of it or licking it. Why do this? It is to prevent the cap from cracking once you punch holes through it.

Tip the middle of your cigar cap using a screwdriver. Push your screwdriver gently on the center of your cap. Make a half an inch incision on the cigar cap. If you feel you might break it by using extra force, try slowly rotating the screwdriver while pushing it.

Test the cigar by drawing it. If the draw is perfect, then you can bite the cap off your cigar. But if not, continue to make small incisions on the cigar cap until you get the perfect draw.

Wasn’t that easy? It’s not a complicated process to cut a cigar. If you don’t have a cutter, use the above mentioned ways to cut the cigar.

Summing up

Although cigar smoking is a splendid experience, make sure you do not indulge in more than two cigars a day. It is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and one must puff two cigars a day.

That’s how you will appreciate the flavor of the cigar!

Moreover, you would want to store it properly because cigars dry quickly. Well, keep reading our posts as you will find all the answers to your queries!

Make sure you send this helpful article to all your friends and fellow cigar lovers.

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