How long do Cigars Last?

How long do Cigars Last

You may have or always come across questions that are generally asked as a cigar enthusiast. Two questions are very common among all. Why do you smoke a cigar? How long does a single cigar last? Well, one can interpret the question in multiple meanings.

How long does a cigar last (when lit)?
How long does a cigar last in a humidor?
How long can a cigar last in a Ziploc?

The cigar is a very fragile and delicate element. It needs to be treated gently and with caution. To have a great experience, you need to keep it safe. The modern solution is keeping it in a humidor.

What is a humidor?

A humidor is a humidity controller box. It is used primarily to store cigars, cigarettes, cannabis, or pipe tobacco. It serves two purposes. Primarily, it maintains the humidity level for the cigar. Too much humidity can make the cigar soggy, while too little humidity can keep the cigar dry. Secondly, A humidor is like a box that protects the delicate cigars from direct sunlight. The absence of direct heat on the cigar gives it a longer life.

Cigar needs to be preserved in climate conditions the same as the regions where the tobaccos are made. The list is provided below.

Humidity around 68-74%
The maximum Temperature must be 73° F
So, the ideal conditions round up to around 70°F and 70% humidity. It protects the cigar from beetles and enhances the flavor and aroma of cigars. The cigars are preferred keeping in the Spanish wooden cedar to enhance the aromas and provide the optimum Temperature.

What happens to a cigar if kept without a humidor?

When you buy a cigar or a pack of the cigar and take it out of the wrapper, it starts rapidly decaying. Your cigar might last for two days maximum.

It also depends on the environment you live in. If you are resident in an area having an appropriate temperature similar to the cigar, It will take time to decay.

How long will a cigar last with a humidor?

When you keep your cigar in a humidor, you are giving your cigar the love it deserves. With the right optimal Temperature, your cigar will last for five years.

The quality of Humidor plays an important role. The hygrometer or the humidifier must be functioning efficiently. For a cigar lover, a humidor is the greatest investment.

When you buy a humidor, you need to ensure the working efficiency of the Humidor. Your Humidor should not risk the health of your delicate cigars.

Do monthly checkups for your cigar. A periodic check will help you monitor the cigar. Your cigar should not go dry or soggy. Nobody wants to experience a bad hygrometer that damages your cigars. It is a horror to cigar enthusiasts.

What to do after you have set up your Humidor?

After following the instructions and taking care of all the precautions and precautions, your cigar does not need a lot of maintenance. Though, a periodic check is still advisable.

Divide Your Cigars

The Humidor has a tray that one can easily separate. Keep the same type of cigars together. Storage is important while handling a cigar.

If you coop up your cigars together, the aroma and the flavor can wear on each other. Choose humidors that have divides. A divider made up of Spanish cedar can enhance the flavor.

If you prefer buying a cigar in a box, it will store your scent and flavor together.

Regularly Calibrate your Hygrometer

As a golden rule, I will re-calibrate my Humidor. Every 3 months, I check my Humidor, and if any fault persists, I order a replacement. The Humidor plays an important role in maintaining the humidity level in the Humidor.

There are few methods of re-calibrating a hygrometer. You can choose between the towel and the salt method.

Here is a guide on how to store your Humidor.

How to Aerate your Humidor?

For the luxurious Humidor, you can check the in-built ventilator ones. If your current Humidor does not have a ventilator, you can open your Humidor every month to allow fresh air in. To have a good experience with your cigar, you need to pamper your cigar.

If you smoke daily, you do not have to wait for a month. Rather you can open your cigar lid for like 1-2 minutes while you light up your cigar. If the cigar lid opens enough times, it can be easily aerated.

The Humidor takes an average of two hours to take care of the environment again. It is a good test for your Humidor.

Do the cigars aroma and flavor get better with time?

Just like cheese and wine, the cigar gets better with time. Many cigar aficionados store the cigar for 5 years before smoking them. Time enhances the aroma and flavor of the cigar.

In a properly functioning humidor, the cigar can function well in around a year or two. You can do a little research on brands and styles if you want to know their aging process.

Bottom Line

To preserve the delicate cigar’s you have to store them properly. Not like the cigar aficionados who store it for 5 years. You should invest in a very good humidor that is well aerated and allows the natural ingredients of the cigar to breathe.

Anything more or less than the optimal Temperature can make your cigar dry or soggy. They will last for two days outside the wrapper. But, if you intend to store them for longer times, you can store them in a humidor. For short-term storage, you can prefer a Ziploc bag or a damp sponge.

For a perfect experience, you can keep your cigar in a humidor, keep it aerated periodically. These days there is a digital humidor available that can help you set the optimum Temperature. If you are a cigar enthusiast and have better ideas in storing a cigar, do let me know in the comment section.

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