How far do you smoke a cigar?

How far do you smoke a cigar

A beginner has so much to learn about cigar smoking. There’s a very interesting question amateurs ask – How far do you smoke a cigar? It’s a great question, and we have done some in-depth research on the same.

Some people might just wait for their facial hair to burn out, but we have an apt answer for you. There is a limit to how far you should smoke a cigar. Ideally, the smoker should smoke the cigar as long as they are liking the taste.

Here’s an article that sheds light on the subject, ‘how far do you smoke a cigar?’

What’s the size?

When you start smoking a cigar, the oil and heat build up right at the head of the cigar. The head of the cigar is the end which is placed in your mouth. In case of a long cigar or a figure shaped one, the heat and oil concentration is much more intense. As soon as you reach halfway, it starts getting intense. In case moisture and oil builds up at the cigar’s end, you can cut it off to just loosen it up.

Many of the premium cigars have a wonderful intensity as soon as the smoker reaches the end. Many connoisseurs love the strength and flavors just before the cigar gets finished.

In case you start feeling dizzy, stop smoking. Its unhealthy to keep smoking!

How does it taste?

If a cigar is good, its because of the taste. Most of the premium cigars go through a change of flavor from beginning to the end. As a cigar smoker, we don’t recommend you to smoke bad-tasting cigars.

In case the cigar has a good aroma and taste, don’t shy away from smoking it till the end. What if it becomes bitter and intense? If you reach that point, its time to stop smoking. A good and wholesome cigar should satisfy your soul. You should not suffer while smoking a cigar!

Is it getting too hot?

How does the end of the cigar feel when you pinch it? If its too hot, it could burn you easily. A hot cigar butt in your hand is a risky affair. The hot cigar butt could fall on your thighs/lap or your favorite rug. Yes, as soon as you are coming to the end, you enjoy the taste and intensity. But you can use a matchstick or a paperclip to poke the cigar. A fire extinguisher is not needed in this case.

Should you be removing the band?

Cigar bands help you identify the brand you are smoking. Its for improving the aesthetics of the cigar. You can keep it on before you light the cigar. Usually, people keep it to show it off. The truth is, you can keep the band on till you reach halfway. If you are smoking beyond that, its time to remove the band.

Ideally, take it off before it starts burning. Most people want to smoke till the end (when the bitter end starts). Here’s some news: the band does not have any flavor. It is just meant for aesthetics and won’t improve the taste. So, consider taking it off before you reach the end.

How do you put out a cigar?

Once you have fully enjoyed smoking the cigar, its time to put it out. There will be a time when nothing will be left of the cigar. Perhaps it will get too intense or too hot to handle. You have to let it go, dear friend!

Just to end the matters gracefully, you have to let it rest in peace. Do not think about smooshing it in an ashtray. You must remove the band and leave the cigar in the ashtray. It will start burning out itself without you smashing it.

When should you let go of the cigar?

So, we mentioned the best way to put it off and how far you must smoke. Before we sum up this article, take a look at the indications when you should let go of the cigar.
• Some smokers don’t smoke the whole cigar. They leave it halfway. The cigar aficionados will detest this idea simply because it is wasteful. Cigars are more expensive as compared to a regular box of cigarettes. Why should you waste it? But it all depends on your personal preferences.
• If the flavor changes and you do not like, simply toss it. Some people find that the cigar is not enjoyable so they stop smoking it. The whole idea is to enjoy the process.
• If the cigar is not comfortable to hold (a tiny nub is left) then let go. A tiny nub is difficult to hold. Moreover, you could burn your mouth just by smoking till the end.
• A cigar can make you feel woozy and nauseous. If you are a beginner, go slow and stick with one cigar a day. As a beginner, you should something which isn’t too strong. Once you start feeling unwell, put it out and grab some mouth freshener. You can also get some fresh air!
• The flavor keeps changing as you reach different points. The closer you are to the end, the more bitter it will get. The middle of the cigar offers the best flavor. So, you must aim to get there before you put it out. But if you are not liking the flavor (at any point), you don’t have to continue smoking it.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you are aware of how far you should smoke, its time to buy the best cigar.

Most cigars are expensive, but not all of them have the same blend. Make sure you do proper research before buying a cigar. Ask a cigar expert or read the informational articles on our page! We have so much to share with you.

To sum it up, smoke the cigar till you feel comfortable and the taste does not bother you. Did you know that cigars taste blissful with scotch, rum and beer? Find out the best brand of alcohol to go with your cigars.

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