How are Cigars Measured?

How are Cigars Measured

In this article, we are about to explore the realm of cigar sizes and the techniques it is measured with. Keep in mind that cigar shapes are equally significant factors like their length that decide their value. Another notable thing is there is no predetermined standard size for cigars in the market. However, there are several benchmarks, including the way of production and designs. Let us take an in-depth tour of the cigar measurement and making process.

Measuring the cigars

As the cigars are cylindrical, they are measured in two ways. One is the length of the cigar, and the other is the girth of the cigar. The girth is also known as the ring gauge. The length has to balance with the ring gauge to give the cigar a good shape and proportion. This makes cigar lovers prefer specific dimensions of the cigars.

Since cigars were from the old days, the imperial units stuck with them. Most cigars are in the range of 8 inches and around, although there are different other lengths. The ring gauge is measured in inches but 64th of an inch. This is because the roll can be precisely rolled to as low as 64th of an inch.

Different techniques involved in sizing

The tobacco leaves are artificially heated to get the color and hue of the cigars. These are called the wrappers because they wrap up the roll. The roll itself is made from aged tobacco leaves. There are different techniques that allow for different tastes, flavors, and qualities of cigars. As the rolls can be made from thinner sheets of tobacco leaves, they have this 1/64th of an inch measurement.

The accustomed nomination

So, when a cigar is mentioned as 8 x 32, it means that the cigar is 8 inches in length and 32/64 inches in girth. Or the ring gauge of the cigar is just ½ inches, and the length is 8 inches. Most cigars come in the ring gauge range of 30 to 50 because this is a good size to keep the fire up and the smoke cool.

With regards to picking the most appropriate cigar for yourself, there are a few things that you will need to remember, all of which will have a great influence in your choice. First, the amount of time duration that you wish to smoke alongside when and where you will smoke, i.e.After dinner, by the end of the day, and so on, second the size and state of the cigar. Third, the shade of the cigar. And lastly, the price you are willing to pay for a cigar.

How can you measure a right-sized cigar for your use?

The best variable to start this would be the shape and size of the cigar. As we have already mentioned, no guideline decides a cigar being of the correct size.

There are many popular beliefs related to cigar traditions, such as people with prominent personalities and bodies should not use small cigars, and people with average to feeble bodies should definitely not try to have larger cigars like Robusto or Double Corona.

The truth is that there is no wrong size, and cigars must be chosen based on the fact that how comfortable an individual feels while smoking them. However, to find the perfect match for you, you must know about the different sizes and shapes of cigars that are available in the market so that you can find out the one that you feel the most comfortable smoking.

Below we have mentioned various cigar types for your information to help you find the perfect match for you:
● Panatela: The Panatela is a thin cigar with a length that ranges from 5 to 7 and a half inches. It has a ring gauge of 34 to 38. This thin cigar was once a favorite item among the cigar lover community.

● Robusto: It is a short-length stubby cigar that is among the most desired cigar sizes in the USA. It can be between 4 ¾ inches to 5 ¼ inches in length, with a diameter ranging from 48 to 52 ring gauge.

● Churchill: This cigar is named after the former British prime minister Winston Churchill. This is so because the prime minister was a big lover of cigars and was rarely seen without one in his mouth. Churchill has a length of 7 inches and a diameter of 47.

● Perfecto: It is one of the longest cigar sizes having a length of 9 inches with a bulge in its center. Due to its size, not many people can handle the cigar; it has a ring gauge size between 38 to 49.

Now let us explore the Ideal cigar colors:

In general, there are around seven different colors of cigar available, which display through its wrapper. It is believed that darker colored cigars are stronger, but that is not necessarily true for every case. However, if the tobacco filler used in a cigar has a dark hue, then there’s no doubt that the cigar is actually stronger.

This happens due to the fact that dark-colored leaves are considerably more mature than others, as they have been on the tobacco plant for an extended period grabbing all the goodness of sunlight and natural habitat.

The sunlight makes the tobacco leaves that come in contact to generate more oils to preserve the leaves. That is why, when a tobacco manufacturer creates a cigar with darker filler leaves coated with a darker wrapper, it becomes evident that the buyer will receive a strong cigar.
While, in some cases, manufacturers create lighter filler leaves coated with a dark wrapper. This prevents cigars from turning out to be highly strong.


As you will start learning more about cigars, you will be amazed by the details found in the cigars’ manufacture and measurement process. Once you get the idea of the cigar-making process, you will surely start admiring all the labor and effort it takes to prepare a single cigar.

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