Do you have a cigar aficionado and want to impress him/her with a gift? Well, this is often tricky because many people assume that smokers have everything they need to make their smoking enthralling. However, this is not always true.

To impress a smoker, it is important to look at his life and think about an item that would make a difference in his life. For example, even though he might have a humidor, a personalized addition will come in handy to store more cigars. This post brings you a collection of top gifts that you should consider for a cigar enthusiast.

Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Cigar Sampler

For cigar aficionados, tasting different cigars is a great way to enrich the smoking thrill. There is no better way to do this than getting a sampler that contains a number of cigars of different flavors. Even if your friend prefers a specific taste, he/she will appreciate a sampler that helps to explore new flavors.

The best sampler that will be more impressive should contain exotic cigars that are not locally available. For example, if your friend is used to the large cigar designs, consider a sampler with smaller cigars but featuring richer flavors. The good thing with samplers is that you have the option of picking the tobacco origins to suit the smokers’ flavors. For example, you can select a cigar sampler such as the American Empire with cigars from Honduras and neighboring countries.

Cigar Lighter

If you want to throw your friend into a frenzy, get him/her a great cigar lighter. When many people think of lighters, they imagine anything that has a flame. However, it does not work that way for cigars! Cigar lovers do not like common cigarette lighters. Instead, they prefer torch lighters that provide a bigger flame. Like cutting cigars, lighting them looks like a ritual that has to be done using the right lighter.

The ideal pick for a gift to your cigar aficionado would be a double flame lighter. The lighters are windproof and designed in a stylish way to make smoking more enthralling. The modern lighters such as the Pard Windproof Cross Arc Lighter are rechargeable and very attractive. Here are other characteristics of the cigar lighter:

  • They are rechargeable and safer than gas lighters.
  • Ignition is done using a touch button.
  • They are flameless, faster, and more convenient.
  • They are longer lasting.

Cigar Humidors & Coolers

For a cigar aficionado, one must have item is a humidor. This is a device that ensures his cigars are stored in the right humidity and temperature levels to prevent loss of their flavors. Since most smokers are likely to have humidors, a perfect gift would be a portable option. This would allow your friend to easily carry the preferred cigars when traveling.

A good example of a portable humidor is an Exquisite Portable Brown Leather Travel Cedar Wood Lined 5 Cigar Humidor by AMANCY. The round humidor holds 5 cigars that make it ideal for a person traveling for a day or two. The inner part is lined with cedar that helps to retain the cigar flavors. Whether your friend is a top executive or a business person who wants to demonstrate elegance all the time, this is one gift that will blow him off his feet.

A Cigar Ashtray

When cigar aficionados start the smoking journey, one of the items that are easily forgotten is the ashtray. However, it is a great accessory that helps in enhancing personal elegance. Therefore, sending your friend a gift of ashtray will help to enrich his smoking thrill. Here the main benefits that your friend can get from a stylish tray.

  • It helps to ensure that the smoking environment remains clean and elegant.
  • The tray can be used to enhance the interior or exterior décor of a living space.
  • Ashtrays make smoking more attractive.

One of the top ashtrays in the market you should consider for a gift is the Honoro Vintage Metal Cigar Ashtrays. Because it is available in gold, bronze and silver designs, it can help to bring out a rich vintage outlook to make your friend’s space more attractive and stylish. Besides, it has 16 holes that make it an ideal option when smoking with friends.

A Cigar Cutter

Cutting a cigar is a ‘ritualistic’ activity that involves ripping off the cap to open the side that goes into the mouth. Like humidors, you would expect every smoker to have a cigar cutter. However, getting him/her a newer and more stylish cutter will be a great gift. Here, .you might want to know the type of cutter your friend uses. If he has a standard guillotine, consider getting him/her a wedge cutter.

A great example of a cigar cutter that will be truly enthralling is the 8-star rated Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter. This cutter has won the hearts of many smokers because of its unique design and manufacturer’s focus on quality. Your friend will enjoy it because it is easy to carry and making a clean cut. Here are other advantages of sending your friend this cutter as a gift.

  • Its blade is designed from stainless steel that makes it strong and sturdy when cutting cigars.
  • As a stainless steel cutter, it retains the sharpness for longer without requiring re-sharpening.
  • The design of the cutter makes the cutter very easy to use.

Odor Eliminator

One gift that every cigar enthusiast will appreciate is an odor eliminator. Though your friend loves smoking, people who live with him, go visiting his house, office, or outdoors space might not. Therefore, an odor eliminator such as the Ozium Large Gel 80oz will come in handy. This smoke eliminator is preferred because it is easy to use and makes your space feeling fresh.


When you set out looking for a gift to give a cigar aficionado, it is advisable to look for something that is functional. Then, try to identify what he likes and use the gift to enhance his smoking thrill. Well, do not just pick any gift and mail to your friend; use the above guide to pick the ideal option that will sweep him/her off the feet.