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Cigar Smoking Tips for Beginners

Cigar Smoking Tips for Beginners

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Lighting a cigar for the first time can be confusing. Though it might look as simple as lighting it from one end and sucking from the other, it is not that easy. To get it right on cigar smoking, here are the main tips for beginners.

Avoid Smoking a Cigar Too Fast

At times when smoking cigars, it is easy to get bored. This could result in frequent puffing. However, smoking too fast can end up heating the cigar, muting the flavors and creating a burning sensation on the mouth. It is a common habit for many people when staring the smoking journey. Therefore, what is the right way?

The best way to smoke is by taking a puff about every minute. This makes it easy to feel the flavors and enjoy every moment of your smoking. If the weather permits, you can smoke and enjoy a cigar for a very long period.

Be on the Lookout for Nicotine Sickness

Nicotine sickness is one of the serious issues that can result in a feeling of extreme nausea. Well, there is no doubt that you love the buzz from cigars. But if you are new to nicotine, it is advisable to avoid the cigars labeled full (with high levels of nicotine). Instead, you should consider those with light wrappers (with low nicotine levels).

If you have a problem of nicotine sickness, you can address it by taking something sugary. Think of something like candy or soda that has high sugar content. It is because of this that smoking in a club or at home relaxing in the balcony brings great thrill when done with sugary foods.

Get a Workable Freshness Plan

When you start smoking, it is important to have a workable plan to keep your breath fresh. Even if your significant other is okay with cigars, others might not. The problem with cigars is that once you are into them, the chances are that it will be difficult to realize the ashtray smell.

First, it is advisable to spray vinegar on your room (furniture and carpet) to absorb the smoke and other bad odors. You should also consider using a tongue scraper to keep your breath fresh. To feel fresh when going to bed, make sure to take a shower.

Enjoy your Cigar with a Beverage

If you want to enjoy a cigar, it is advisable to have something to drink nearby. This could be your favorite soda, beer, whiskey or even coffee. However, some fanatics prefer to enjoy their cigars with plain water. When you combine nicotine and alcohol, it causes a nice buzz. But soda is a great contrast to an enthralling sense of freedom when enjoying a cigar.

Taking your cigar with a beverage helps you to relax and appreciate the thrill of the two. For example, taking coffee together with a cigar is more enjoyable compared to only sipping coffee in the balcony.

The above cigar tips are great points to help you get started and enjoy every moment you take a puff. They will also assist you to start discovering the thrill that comes with cigars.

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