Your Guide to the Best Cigar Humidifiers

To a cigar aficionado, a humidor is the most important thing because it helps to keep cigars in top condition. Humidors work by maintaining the humidity at around 70% so that cigars can retain their flavors and guarantee total thrill to smokers. To run effectively, the most important part of a humidor is the humidifier. This post takes a closer look at the top humidifiers in 2019 to help you pick the best.

How do Humidifiers Work?

As the name suggests, humidifiers work by adding moisture into a humidor to provide storage conditions similar to the tropical areas where tobacco grow. Though the technology has advanced so much and you can buy automated electronic humidifiers, the older models that still use sponge are still effective. Here is a closer look at different types of humidifiers.

Best Cigar Humidifiers

  • Floral foam cigar humidifiers: These are the commonest models in the market today. They are designed with highly absorbent foam material. The foam is soaked in distilled water and then inserted into the humidor to keep the environment humid.
  • Crystal gel humidifiers: This type of humidifier uses an absorbent polymer that looks like a crystal when dry and rubbery when soaked. These gels are made of propylene glycol so that they release the moisture gradually to keep the humidor moist.
  • Humidpaks: These humidifiers use the scientific principle that when salt and water are mixed, they maintain stable humidity levels if kept an enclosed space. These humidifiers are prepared in the factory so that you can simply select the preferred option based on the targeted humidity levels.
  • Electronic humidifiers: This category of humidifiers has sensors that help to monitor levels of humidity in a humidor and release moisture if the level is too low. With this model, there is no risk of over or under saturation.

How to Pick the Best Cigar Humidifiers?

Now that you know the main types of humidifiers, it is important to know how to select the option for your humidor. Here are some useful tips to guide you:

  • The size of your humidor. If your humidor is very large, it is advisable to go for the electronic humidifier for greater efficiency. However, those with small humidors should consider other options such as humidpaks.
  • The length of time required before replacement. If you want a humidifier that will require regular refills of about 2-4 weeks, the crystal gel would be a great option. However, the electronic model and humidpaks are great because you will never need to refill them.
  • Ease of use. The best humidifier should be easy to use to maintain the cigars fresh all the time.
  • The amount of time you are willing to spend. The cost of a humidor can range from less than $10 to more than $200. Note that the primary focus should be picking a high-quality humidifier as opposed to selecting the cheapest.

The Best Cigar Humidifiers

HumidCup Electronic S1

This is the leading humidifier in the market because of its reliability and power. It allows you to preset the humidity levels and enjoy storing your cigars for a long time without worrying about over or under saturation. Because many bacteria and molds reside in humid conditions, this humidifier is fitted with an antibacterial sponge that to keep them off.

HumidiCup Electronic Cigar Humidifier


  • The humidifier is strong and can support humidors for storing up to 300 sticks.
  • It is easy to run because you only need to set the preferred humidity level and leave the humidifier to do the work.
  • The antibacterial treatment helps to keep your humidor free from parasite attacks.
  • Features an audio display alarm to notify you in the case of an error.


  • The fans used to drive cool air can make the humidifier noisy.
  • It is relatively large and cannot be used with small humidors.

The humidifier is rated 8.6/10.

The Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0

This is another leading humidifier designed to fit in the humidor for casual smokers. It is compact and comes with impressive features that make it stylish to use. It is emerging as the most preferred humidifier because of its strength and convenience.

Cigar Oasis Ultra


  • The humidifier is compact and will work effectively in most desktop humidors.
  • It features an LED display that makes it easy to set and follow the performance.
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity which helps you to check the humidity and temperature of the humidor without going close.


  • It cannot support a big humidor for storing many cigars.

The humidifier is rated 8.0/10.

Boveda 72-Percent RH Retail Cube Humidifier

This is another top humidifier that has won the affection of cigar aficionados because of its ease of use. The humidifier is designed to make humidifying cigars convenient especially for small and medium-sized humidors. For example, you only need to use two packs for every 50 cigars that a humidor can hold.

Boveda 72-Percent RH Retail Cube Humidifier


  • The humidifier easily clears all the cycles in humidity.
  • You no longer need to worry about refilling with distilled water.
  • It does not have a maintenance fee like electronic designs.


  • The humidifier packets have to be changed every four weeks.

The humidifier is rated 8.5/10.

Drymistat Humidor Hidifer Tubes

This is another simplified humidifier that makes storing cigars easy and fun. It is designed with a gel that holds moisture and releases it progressively to maintain humidity at 70%. To use the humidors you only need to add water that is held by the nontoxic gel. Then place them in the humidor to keep your cigars fresh.

Drymistat Humidor Humidifier Tubes


  • The Drymistat Humidor Humidifier Tubes are very easy to use.
  • They do not have maintenance cost such as the electrical models.
  • They are sold with a long warranty for one year.


  • Once the water is used up, you have to keep refilling it.
  • The humidifier can only be used for small humidors.

The humidifier is rated 7.9/10.


To keep your cigars fresh and enjoy every puff, it is important to have the right humidifier. The above guide is all you need to pick the best humidifier in the market for your humidor.

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