Cigar Cutter vs Punch Hole

Cigar Cutter vs Punch Hole

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

If you are new in the world of cigars, one of the main questions you might be faced with is: “Which is the better option for cutting a cigar?” Two of the top options in the market today are the cutters and punch hole. Here is a comprehensive cigar cutter vs. punch hole comparison to help you make the right decision.

The Cigar Cutter

The most common method of cutting a cigar is using a cigar cutter. The cutters are designed to provide a clean cut of the cigar cup so that air can pass easily when smoking. Over the years, cutters have evolved to give way to multiple designs to meet different cigar enthusiasts’ preferences.

Straight cutters/ Guillotine

These are the most basic designs in the market. They can be single or double bladed. The cutters make a straight cut on the shoulder of a cigar.

Wedge-Cutters/ V-cut

Unlike the straight cutters, the wedge cutters have a blade that makes a notched hole. The cut starts from one side and maintains the same depth so that you do not lose a lot of tobacco.

The shuriken cutter

This cutter looks like a big capsule that features six blades. Instead of making a complete rip like the straight cutter, it only slits around the cap so that you can draw air without losing any tobacco.

One of the main advantages of using cigar cutters is that you can easily make a neat cut without leaving flakes that can accumulate in the mouth. Even if you are a new cigar aficionado, it will take a very short moment to learn.

Another advantage of the cutters is that they can be used on all types of cigars. This is one of the reasons why smokers want to always have a cutter in their wallets.

To cut a cigar using cutters, it is important to be careful to ensure only a small portion of the cap is ripped off. You should only cut the cigar a few millimetres from the cap end. If you rip too much from the cigar, a lot of air will be drawn and the cigar experience could get compromised.

The Punch Hole

Unlike the cutters, the punch is used to create a circular hole where the smoker can draw air when enjoying his cigar. Some cigar aficionados indicate that it produces less smoke because the air is drawn only through a small hole. But some smokers like it because it allows the cigar burns slowly.

Unlike the cutters that are available in multiple designs, the punch does not have variations. The punch comes with a small blade that is curved into a ring. The ring presses the cigar head to reap a hole that is used for drawing.

The punches are in many cases attached into a keychain. This makes them very convenient to carry around. In some cases, the blade can be concealed using a screw cap.

The punch cutter is very easy to use. Even new cigar fanatics can learn how to use the punch cutter with only a few attempts. Besides, the punch hole does not waste much tobacco like the guillotine.

Though some people complain that the hole created by the punch cutter is too small, there is a solution to that. Simply cut a few holes to increase the air that passes through the cigar.
The main shortcoming of the punches is that they cannot be used on pointed cigars. However, they are very effective if you want to rip a large gauge cigar that cannot be cut using a guillotine.


If you are torn between buying a cigar cutter and a punch, the difference between the two is very small. Indeed, a standard cigar enthusiast can use any of the two. However, cutters emerged as the better option especially to aficionados who want to emphasize style. No matter your goal for smoking cigars, the cigar cutter will never disappoint.

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