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  • How to Diagnose and Fix a Humidor Leak
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    How to Diagnose and Fix a Humidor Leak?

    When you join the world of smoking cigars, it becomes part of you. To enjoy the thrill of different flavors, you have to store the cigars appropriately in a humidor. This is a device designed to help provide your cigars with conditions similar to those of the tropical regions where tobacco grow. To maintain the […] More

  • How to use a Cigar Humidor
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    How to Store Cigars?

    Whether you first tasted a fine cigar from a friend watching a soccer derby, or puffed on a visit to the Dominican Republic, the fact is that turning into a cigar aficionado is pretty much like falling in love. That is right. At first, you are skeptical, but a few leaps into it make you […] More

  • How to cut a Torpedo Cigar
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    How to Season a Humidor?

    If you are a cigar aficionado, there is no doubt that a humidor is a handy investment. After buying a humidor, the wooden interior can suck humidity and compromise the device’s efficiency. Therefore, you need to season the humidor. This post is a step-by-step demonstration of how to season a humidor. Start by Calibrating the […] More

  • What is Cigar Plume
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    What is Cigar Plume?

    As a cigar enthusiast, there is nothing as excruciating as opening your humidor and finding a white substance clinging onto the most precious cigars. This could be plume or molds. Before you can start tossing away the affected cigars, it is important to understand what plume is and tricks for maintaining the humidor in the […] More

  • What Makes a Good Humidor
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    What Makes a Good Humidor?

    You have been smoking cigars for some time and it has been great. Smoking is now a passion and you feel it is time to start stocking the cigars. You need a humidor. This is a storage device used to keep cigars fresh without damaging their flavor. The main question that many people have at […] More

  • What are Cigar Beetles
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    What are Cigar Beetles?

    If you are a cigar enthusiast, you might have heard about or come across cigar beetles. They are tiny insects that lay eggs on your cigars and ruin them in the process. The good thing is that they can be prevented. Here is everything you need to know about cigar beetles. What are Cigar Beetles? […] More

  • How to get rid of cigar breath
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    How to Cut a Cigar

    Cutting a cigar can be a surprisingly complex process if you are doing it for the first time. This is further complicated by the fact that there are many types of cigarette shapes and cutters. However, using the right cutter and following the right procedure can make it a lovely experience. But this need not […] More

  • Cigar Smoking Tips for Beginners
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    Cigar Smoking Tips for Beginners

    Lighting a cigar for the first time can be confusing. Though it might look as simple as lighting it from one end and sucking from the other, it is not that easy. To get it right on cigar smoking, here are the main tips for beginners. Avoid Smoking a Cigar Too Fast At times when […] More