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  • Best Rum with Cigars

    Best Rum with Cigars

    From Danny DeVito to Sylvester Stallone, cigar smoking has been trending for many years. You would be surprised to know the reasons why people enjoy smoking a cigar. Some fall under the trap of peer pressure, and others really appreciate the fragrance. Cigar smoking has been a family tradition in some homes. Some like smoking […] More

  • Best Whiskey with Cigars

    Best Whiskey with Cigars

    What more can make your cigar time special than a glass of fine whisky? Cigar aficionados would agree to mix your cigar time with whiskey. Whiskey and cigars are a wonderful combination. While you can enjoy a cigar as it is, pairing it with a drink and some bossa nova music can enhance the overall […] More

  • How to remove Cigar smell from clothes

    How to remove Cigar smell from clothes?

    People started smoking cigars ever since they were discovered by Columbus among Mayans, who later brought the habit with him to Europe. Today, all over the world, we have cigar lovers and aficionados. But none of us like the staggering cigar smell on our clothes, upholsteries, and home. Smoking a cigar can be highly satisfying, […] More

  • How are Cigars Measured

    How are Cigars Measured?

    In this article, we are about to explore the realm of cigar sizes and the techniques it is measured with. Keep in mind that cigar shapes are equally significant factors like their length that decide their value. Another notable thing is there is no predetermined standard size for cigars in the market. However, there are […] More

  • Best Scotch with Cigars

    Best Scotch with Cigars

    Just as cigars date back to the Mayans, Scotch goes way back into Scottish history. The first documented evidence of Scotch is in the 15th century AD. By the 19th century, Scotch came out of Scotland and became popular all over the world. Today, it is a popular spirit worldwide, and it continues to support […] More

  • Best Drinks with Cigars

    Best Drinks with Cigars

    What is better than enjoying the flavor of a well-made cigar? Pairing it with an equally divine drink! Just like they say to move forward in life by listening to your gut, when it comes to cigars and pairings, always do what your palate tells you! You might end up liking some of the unusual […] More

  • How to Rehydrate a Cigar
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    How to Rehydrate a Cigar?

    Cigar smoking is not like cigarette smoking. With cigarettes, you can smoke a whole pack even every day. When it comes to cigars, the smoking rate decreases (unless you are an addict). You can smoke a single cigar in a day or even longer, depending on your smoking rate. Thus, a cigar pack can last […] More

  • When were Cigars Invented

    Cigar History

    Are you fond of smoking cigars? If the answer is a resounding YES, this article is meant for you. In this article, we will be answering a simple question – when were cigars invented? Alright! Brace up, mate! We have something special lined up for you. Cigars date back to the 10th century. The oldest […] More

  • How Cigars are Made

    How Cigars are Made

    Cigars are enjoyed by aficionados all over the world, as it is the best way to smoke tobacco. Cigars came from Cuba, from where Columbus noticed Mayans smoking rudimentary cigars rolled in palm leaves. Today, they are manufactured all over the world. The finest cigars continue to be hand-made while machines helped in mass production. […] More

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