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  • Best Gas Station Cigars

    Best Gas Station Cigars

    Which is the best cigar that you have ever bought from a gas station? Though this might sound a bit less likely, you are still one of those who have just started experiencing the finest cigars and looking for budget-friendly options; then this is sure to pop up. Buying a cigar that suits your taste, […] More

  • Best Humidity for Cigar

    What is the Best Humidity for Cigar?

    Do you want to smoke a cigar? Cigars are premium products that come with their own set of storage requirements. You have to store them in perfect humidity conditions so that they remain fresh and taste the same. You will have to throw them away if you expose them to improper humidity for a long […] More

  • How to use a Cigar Humidor

    How to use a Cigar Humidor?

    A cigar is not like cigarettes. First, it is expensive and thicker as compared to a regular cigarette. An average cigar costs around five U.S dollars and that’s the price of a whole pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes are cheaper for a reason. Cigars are expensive mainly because it is made with special care and is […] More

  • How to cut a Torpedo Cigar

    How to Cut a Torpedo Cigar?

    Cigar smoking gives you immense pleasure. The ritual of holding it, cutting, and lighting it has attracted many people to start smoking. Even non-smokers can agree that the ritual of cigar smoking is incredible. If you are not a cigar aficionado, you might think that there is only one type of cigar. But the fact […] More

  • How to get rid of cigar breath

    How to get rid of cigar breath?

    Many people find different ways of enjoying themselves. For some, it is a glass of fine scotch with a couple of colleagues, some playing pool table with friends, while others like smoking a cigar. Cigar smoking is a pleasant experience. Not only does the smoke pleases you, but also the ritual of holding and puffing […] More

  • How to Hold a Cigar

    How to Hold a Cigar?

    Have you ever wondered what the right way to hold a cigar is? Whether you are smoking a small essential cigar or going for the conventionally luxurious Cigar, holding a cigar is no less than an art. Right from choosing, cutting, lighting, and smoking, everything is vital for cigars. The way every cigar lover holds […] More

  • How far do you smoke a cigar

    How far do you smoke a cigar?

    A beginner has so much to learn about cigar smoking. There’s a very interesting question amateurs ask – How far do you smoke a cigar? It’s a great question, and we have done some in-depth research on the same. Some people might just wait for their facial hair to burn out, but we have an […] More

  • How long do Cigars Last

    How long do Cigars Last?

    You may have or always come across questions that are generally asked as a cigar enthusiast. Two questions are very common among all. Why do you smoke a cigar? How long does a single cigar last? Well, one can interpret the question in multiple meanings. How long does a cigar last (when lit)? How long […] More

  • Best Humidity for Cigar

    How To Use A Cigar Cutter?

    For a cigar enthusiast, cutting a cigar before smoke is a very artistic job. The cigar to be well lit has to be shaped perfectly. It should be cut in such a way that the cigar has the correct airflow. A perfect smoke allows the air to be carried in the cigar, and then you […] More

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