Best Whiskey with Cigars

Best Whiskey with Cigars

What more can make your cigar time special than a glass of fine whisky? Cigar aficionados would agree to mix your cigar time with whiskey. Whiskey and cigars are a wonderful combination.

While you can enjoy a cigar as it is, pairing it with a drink and some bossa nova music can enhance the overall experience. You can sit back on a rocking chair, smoke a cigar, and drink whiskey on the rocks. Go slow, please!

Cigar and whiskey are two peas in a pod. The best of both worlds. So, if you are someone who would like to take your cigar smoking time to a whole new level, you can go through the list of whiskeys that can complement your cigar.

There are lots of flavors when it comes to the cigar. You can enjoy the fine taste of whiskey and cigar only if you club the right kinds together. We usually suggest whiskey and cigars together, but what is appealing for one may not be so for another person. If you are in for a whiskey-cigar combo hunt, you can take a look at the list, try out some of these to find the one combination your taste buds would approve of.

Why Whiskey Goes Well with Cigar

Life will throw unpleasant surprises such as a pandemic, interfering people, and lethal diseases, but at the end of the day, there are some good things to cherish. Pair up cigars with whiskey and enjoy the high.

Cigars are to be enjoyed slowly and having on e a day is recommended (especially for beginners).

Cigar aficionados enjoy cigar with a glass of whiskey. Both can be enjoyed slowly. Raisin, honey, and apricot notes go really well with full-bodied cigars.

Well, let’s jump to the next section where we have highlighted expert suggestions.

Some of the expert suggestions are as follows:

If you are into mild cigars like Romeo Y Julieta, a fine Glenfiddich whiskey will make a great match. The sweet flavor of banana and caramel from the whiskey will complement the divine-flavored whiskey with a leathery, spicy taste.

For a spicy cigar, what else is better than a sweet whiskey? Go for the Talker’s Distiller Edition. Sweet and spicy might be old-fashioned but makes a pretty amazing combination! You can also try out the Knob Creek Rye whiskey if you are into bourbon.

A cigar with a nutty flavor will go well with matured whiskey with fruity tones. Look out for whiskey with a tinge of fruity flavors such as Penderyn’s Sherry Wood.

For those who are a fan of leathery, aged cigars, you people need a peaty, rich-flavored whiskey to match up the demands of the cigar. Try pairing your cigar with a peaty whiskey such as The Peat Monster by Compass Box.

Experimentation is the Spice of Life

For those who seek a little adventure, who want to find out the right pair on your own. There is no one right way to go for it. But there are a few things to keep in mind as a beginner before diving into the ocean of pairing whiskey and cigars.

If you are a seasoned cigar smoker, you might be having a list of favorite cigars. The next step is to handpick few varieties of whiskeys. Instead of sticking with your traditional ones, go wild and pick up some flavors you always wanted to try.

Now, you might remember your journey to a seasoned cigar smoker. You started with lighter ones, found a cigar that matches your taste buds, and stuck with it for months. Once you understood more about cigar smoking, you might have started exploring more options and you might be someone who can give a piece of decent advice to anyone new to cigar smoking.

Similarly, pairing cigars with drinks and finding the right one is not going to happen overnight. You will have to try few odd pairs out before you arrive at the ones you will fall in love with.

Consider pairing the cigar with different whiskey brands and see what satisfies your taste buds and other senses. We’re sure you will find the perfect one as per your preferences.

Huff and Puff

So, take a puff of a cigar and roll the smoke all over your mouth. After letting the smoke go, take a sip of the whiskey of your choice. Notice the flavor you are experiencing while you are at it. Afterward, take another puff of the cigar and see if the whiskey matches the cigar flavor.

Repeat the whole process for all combinations of whiskey and cigar you selected. This exercise might take a few days or weeks to complete. You can even keep a note of the flavors you experienced while you paired the products. It can help you figure out the ones you liked the most and stay away from the ones you found awful. You can also talk to a tobacconist; they might recommend you some whiskeys worth trying.

We are providing a list of whiskeys for you to mix and match.
2. Uncle Nearest – an aged whiskey with a cloud of charcoal smoke.
3. While Turkey Longbranch if you are into classic bourbons.
4. Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye – a spicy rye whiskey.
5. Virginia Distillery Company has a range of single malt whiskeys.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding the right pair of whiskey and cigar is your journey to take and there are no shortcuts. Your friend might suggest you a combo that worked for them, but it might not suit your palate.

Even if you end up liking a pair suggested by another person, you would miss out on the whole experimenting part of it. Besides, while pairing your favorite drink with your favorite smoke, you might end up knowing more about both products.

Don’t just gulp it down. Consider enjoying the flavors of both whiskey and the cigar.

Discovering a whole new combination of tastes, that never existed before would give you immense joy.

Keep looking, and you might be surprised at what you discover!

Written by Cigars to Enjoy

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