Best Scotch with Cigars

Best Scotch with Cigars

Just as cigars date back to the Mayans, Scotch goes way back into Scottish history. The first documented evidence of Scotch is in the 15th century AD. By the 19th century, Scotch came out of Scotland and became popular all over the world. Today, it is a popular spirit worldwide, and it continues to support the Scots, by helping the economy grow from Scotch distilling.

Scotch is made from malted barley, for those who might be wondering what the difference between scotch and whiskey is, Scotch is made in Scotland, and Whiskey is made from the United States is called bourbon, and usually it is made of corn. Scotch and whiskey are considered as a gentleman’s drink and we have lots of iconic pictures of a famous personality, enjoying a fine glass of either of the drink, sitting in a casual, laid-back manner. Another product that usually appears in such iconic pictures is a neatly rolled Cuban cigar. Yes, cigars and drinks are the best pairs made in heaven.

Why should you pair cigar with scotch? REVEALED

Scotch and cigars are good old friends. Both have lots of similarities right from the stage of processing. They both get better as they age and make an excellent duo together. Yes, as soon as the product is ready (finished), it is aged for a couple of years before cigar and scotch aficionados can devour it.

If you are new to pairing cigars with drinks there are few things to keep in mind. It might be difficult for a beginner to find the right match as both scotch and cigar have complicated flavors.

The next section talks about pairing scotch and cigar. We ensured that you get all the necessary details here. We have also mentioned a couple of scotch brands that you can buy. You can enjoy your cigar with some scotch.

Pairing scotch and cigar

A general rule of thumb is to match full-bodied cigars with heavy scotch and light-bodied cigars with lighter ones. You might take some time to find out the combo that will please your palate. So if you are up for some adventure, grab few different bottles of scotch you want to taste with your preferred cigars.

Pairing cigars with drinks is an acquired skill that you will learn on the go. All you have to do is take a puff of the cigar smoke, hold it over in your mouth. After letting the smoke go, take a sip of scotch of your choice. See if you like the flavor left behind by the smoke and the drink you just had. Take another puff of smoke and see how well the flavor of the scotch blends with the cigar.

You can note down the flavor you experienced. You can use the note for future reference while trying out more scotches to pair with your cigar. After few rounds of trial and error, you might find the right combination. If you are trying out different cigars and scotches together, you might want to cleanse your palate in between or you will end up with a mixed taste, leaving you perplexed about the whole experiment!

A curated list of scotch to try

However, we have curated a list of scotch that you can try out. These are suggested by aficionados and you can trust them. But, everyone has a unique palate so you may or may not like the concoction. Either way, you can pick out these scotches if you are confused about where to start with.

1. Bruichladdich PC8 is strong malt with a peaty flavor. It will go well with a strong Cuban cigar. If you are a seasoned smoker who can handle a strong cigar, you can confidently go for this scotch.
2. Glenfiddich 18 years is a sweet scotch. Those who prefer lighter cigars like Romeo and Julietas like Winston Churchill can try this drink. The scotch has a fruity and honey-like flavor which will go with a creamy cigar.
3. Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine is a 14-year-old malt that can match up with any kind of cigars.
4. Maccalan 18 year goes perfectly with cigars. It has a bit of spiciness, and a hint of autumn fruity flavor. This can be mind-boggling for those who enjoy drinking scotch and pairing it with cigar. But you need a cigar that goes with the buttery profile of this 18-year-old brilliance.
5. Bowmore 15 years is simply wonderful. It goes beautifully with a full-bodied cigar. The gingerbread spice and apricot flavors are mind-boggling. With this scotch, we would suggest you to go for a cigar which has a hint of spiciness or coffee.
6. Cutty Sark can pair up with a light to medium-bodied cigar.
7. Lagavulin 16 years is a delightful scotch with a peaty flavor and goes with strong cigars. Together they will leave behind an aftertaste that will last for a few hours at the least.
8. Talisker Storm is a spicy scotch with an intense flavor. You can take it with a San Cristobal full-bodied cigar. It will complement the scotch with its intense leathery flavor.
9. Dalmore 12 years is a sweet scotch that can blend with vibrantly flavored cigars. Rocky Patel Decade is a good cigar choice for the scotch. It has a nutty and spicy flavor and will go smoothly with the fully aged Dalmore.

There are many cigars in the world. What’s your pick? We tried to recommend some in this article. We hope you enjoyed reading it!

Concluding Thoughts

So, whether you are a cigar lover or a scotch lover, combining both can give you an altogether different experience. Once you have found the pair suiting your palate, you can sit back near the fireplace, light up that premium, hand-rolled cigar of your choice. Engross in a deep conversation in the evening with someone close or reminisce your favorite memories while taking a sip of a glass of scotch and a cigar puff alternately. It is a perfect after-meal treat that you can give yourself occasionally.

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