Best Rum with Cigars

Best Rum with Cigars

From Danny DeVito to Sylvester Stallone, cigar smoking has been trending for many years. You would be surprised to know the reasons why people enjoy smoking a cigar. Some fall under the trap of peer pressure, and others really appreciate the fragrance.

Cigar smoking has been a family tradition in some homes. Some like smoking a cigar because it offers relaxation! Others love the unique taste of cigars. They might enjoy the variety of flavors and how it goes really well with certain alcoholic beverages. Speaking of alcohol, cigar enthusiasts will agree that it goes really well with rum.

If you have ever visited Havana in Cuba, you might be aware of their famous cigar and rum pairing. Usually, people talk about cigar and scotch pairing (most parts of the world), but we are here to change your mind.

Rum and cigar are like a match made in heaven. Considering it goes really well with rum, we thought of sharing some famous pairings.

Before we get started, take a look at some of the basic rules of pairing.
1. You have to ensure that the rum or cigar taste doesn’t overpower the other. You need a cigar and rum brand possessing similar strength. If the rum is strong, make sure you are choosing a full-bodied cigar.
2. Have you ever tried to pair wine and food? The same goes for cigar and rum. If you are opting for a smoky and dark rum, the cigar should also be rich. In case the cigar is sweeter, you can go for a mild rum. The flavors should be complimentary.
3. Pick cigars and rum from similar geographical origin. They will have many similarities if they are from the same origin. Why? That’s because they will have similar growth conditions such as temperature, soil, etc. A Cuban rum and a cigar go well because they have the same origin. But if you are a risk-taker and want to try different products, feel free to experiment.

Pairings You Must Try: Rum with Cigars

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro Cigar

The best match – Maximo Rum Extra Anejo
The pairing is perfect. Maximo Rum Extra Anejo is a luxury blend. It is priced at EUR 1350 (price can differ) per bottle. It has a hint of vanilla and the smoky and oaky flavors are beautiful. You will also get a hint of dried fruit and dark chocolate. Delicious, isn’t it? It goes well with a cigar with a medium-strength smoke. The flavors of both the cigar and the rum are well-balanced so there will be no overpowering.

Ashton Aged Maduro Torpedo Cigar

The best match – Flor de Caña – 18-year-old
Here’s an award-winning rum which is well-aged and has hints of vanilla, nuts, spices, and cocoa. It goes perfectly with Ashton Aged Maduro Torpedo Cigar. The rum has sweet and spicy flavors which go really well with the Ashton cigar. The cigar has spicy, cocoa, and maple notes.

H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar

The best match: Conde de Cuba 15-year-old (Extra Anejo Dark)
This one hails from Cuba and it is a well-aged rum. The selection of notes is quite rich. You will get a hint of caramel. As you start consuming it, you will get hints of dark chocolate, praline, and roasted coffee.
On the other hand, H. Upmann has a creamy coffee note. Hence, both Conde de Cuba and H. Upmann are the ideal partners.

Romeo y Julieta Añejados

The best match: Zacapa 23
Romeo y Julieta cigars are aged for 5 to 8 years. It’s a delicate cigar and so, we need something that doesn’t overpower the flavours. That’s why Zacapa 23 is the ideal match.
The flavours of candied fruits and spices in the Zacapa 23 work really well with the delicate flavours of Romeo y Julieta cigar. You can also pair this cigar with Santa Teresa 1796.

Plasencia Alma Fuerte

The best match – Brugal Leyenda
The aroma of cinnamon, anise, and leather go well with a spicy rum. You have to select a rum carefully because it should not overpower the flavours of the cigar.
A rich-flavoured and full-bodied rum is recommended. Brugal Leyenda goes with most of the cigars. The flavours are versatile, and they are pleasant for your senses too!

Rum Brands You Must Try with Your Cigar

• Foursquare Nobiliary
• Appleton Estate 21-year-old
• Brugal 1888
• Mount Gay XO Rum
• Barcelo Imperial

With these rum brands by your side, you can easily enjoy a cigar and take a break from the monotonous world.

Barcelo Imperial is mild, so you can pair it with a similar strength cigar. Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged is the perfect match for Barcelo Imperial rum. The caramelized flavours are quite pleasing to the senses. The flavours of Foursquare Nobiliary are complex, so we would suggest pairing it with Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial.

Usually, people refrain from drinking rum in summer months, but that should not stop you from pairing the cigar with the rum. Different strokes for different folks – you can pair the both whenever you like!

There is no hard and fast rule that you should not drink rum during summer season.

Take Care of Your Cigars

Before we end this informative article, you must know that a cigar should be well-stored. You cannot keep it out in the open. Cigars get dry and lifeless if left in the open for long.

You don’t want the cigar to light up too quickly. If a cigar is burning too quickly, it is most likely dry.

Invest in a good-quality humidor in case you want to smoke cigars and store them for a couple of weeks. In case you are not a regular cigar smoker, consider using different ways to rehydrate a cigar and storing it in zip-lock bags.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article helped you to find out about different rum and cigar pairings.

It is our belief that Cuban cigars and rums are the best companions, but feel free to experiment. When you smoke a cigar and enjoy a glass of rum, it relaxes your mind and body.

If you know cigar and rum aficionados, don’t forget to share this with them!

Written by Cigars to Enjoy

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