The Best Humidor Hygrometers Guide Everyone is Talking About

If you are a cigar aficionado, the one must have item is a humidor. This is a device that helps to store cigars without damaging their flavors. The most important parameter of a humidor is humidity. Humidors use hygrometers to measure humidity to ensure it matches the tropical conditions ideal for growing tobacco. This post takes a closer look at hygrometers to help you pick the best option for humidors.

The hygrometer helps you to know the conditions inside a humidor for assurance that your cigars do not lose their natural flavor. Besides, maintaining the humidity at around 70% is also helpful in keeping the cigar beetles away from your cigars.

Best Humidor Hygrometers

Types of Hygrometers

There are three main types of hygrometers; the digital, analog and advanced models.

Analog Hygrometers

They are also referred to as mechanical hygrometers because they do not need electricity to gauge humidity. Unlike the digital types that use sensors, the analog designs use springs or natural hair that loosen or tighten when humidity changes.

Digital Hygrometers

This category of hygrometers uses modern technology for easier readability. Note that unlike the analog models, the digital types use sensors that allow you to start measuring humidity levels without calibrating them.

Many cigar enthusiasts like the digital hygrometers because they also come with a memory that allows you to record and follow the changes in humidity levels in a humidor. Besides, they are also available in a wide price range to cater to all people.

Advanced hygrometers

This is essentially a digital hygrometer but specially designed with additional capabilities. For example, most of them come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. This means you can easily monitor the humidity levels from another room and even away from.

How to Pick the Best Humidor Hygrometers

Whether you decide to buy a new hygrometer to fix in a homemade humidor or change the current one, it is prudent to go for the right model. Here are some useful tips you can use:

  • Go for the hygrometer that is easy to use. This means installation and reading.
  • Pick the hygrometer that has been demonstrated to be highly effective. Here, it is advisable to read reviews from past users and experts about the accessory.
  • Go for durability. The selected hygrometer should be carefully designed to ensure it can correctly measure humidity for many years.
  • If you want to regularly check the humidity levels when away from home, ensure to go for the model that has Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Only buy from top brands that are highly committed to quality. This raises the chances of getting high-quality hygrometer.

Best Humidor Hygrometers

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

The Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer is one of the common models in the market today. The hygrometer is designed by Western Humidor to help accurately gauge moisture content inside a humidor. It is engineered to deliver high accuracy of +1/-1% which makes it an ideal option for most cigar aficionados. This accuracy has made it a top choice even by cigar makers.

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygromter


  • The hygrometer is very easy to use because of its petite design and LCD display.
  • It helps to show both humidity levels and temperatures. The temperatures are available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • It uses a sensitive element that makes it easy to measure and give accurate measurements.


  • The hygrometer does not have modern Wi-Fi capabilities.

This hygrometer is rated 8.8/10.

HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors

If you have a small humidor such as a homemade tupperdor, the HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors is a great option to measure humidity because of its precision and compact size. The hygrometer is preferred by cigar enthusiasts because they only need to put it in the humidor to get the correct humidity levels.

Its unique construction makes it easy to check both humidity and temperatures. This means that you will not need a separate thermometer.

HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer


  • The hygrometer is very easy to use by especially on small humidors.
  • It provides accurate humidity and temperature measurements. The accuracy of humidity reading is +/-2 while that of temperature is +/-1 degree.
  • The hygrometer only needs recalibration once every 12 months.


  • This hygrometer is not ideal for larger humidors such as cabinets.

The hygrometer is rated 8.5/10.

Caliber 4R Gold Digital Hygrometer

The Caliber 4R Gold Digital Hygrometer is another top-rated hygrometer because of its high accuracy. Cigar enthusiasts like it because it helps them to measure both humidity and temperatures. Besides, it is designed by the highly respected Western Humidor. This helps to assure users of high quality.

The petite design of the hygrometer means that it can be used to measure humidity even in small humidors. Cigar enthusiasts like the idea of being able to measure humidity and temperature of their humidors using a digital hygrometer with a classic outlook.

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital-Analog Hygrometer


  • The hygrometer is very easy to use. You only need to put it inside the humidor.
  • It gauges humidity within a wide range of between 20% and 90%.
  • The gold trim and classic outlook make this hygrometer very attractive.


  • Past cigar users who have used this hygrometer indicate that it is difficult to read at an angle especially in poor lighting.

The hygrometer is rated 8.7/10.

IMATE TP-06 Digital Thermometer Humidity Meter Indoor Hygrometer for Humidor

If you are looking for a cool hygrometer to measure your humidor’s humidity and temperature, the IMATE TP-06 Digital Thermometer Humidity Meter Indoor Hygrometer for Humidor could be the ideal option. It is recommended by cigar enthusiasts and aficionados because it is designed by IMATE, a company highly committed to quality. Besides, it works in most humidors.

IMATE TP-06 Digital Thermometer Humidity Meter Indoor Hygrometer


  • It measures both humidity and temperatures.
  • It has a clear blue LCD screen that makes it easy to read even in low lighting conditions.
  • The magnet-mountable model makes it easy to stick to the wall of the humidor. You can also attach to wooden walls using adhesives.
  • It has a battery with a long life of up to 16 months.


  • The hygrometer does not have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability.

The hygrometer is rated 8.9/10.


Whether you have a new humidor or just designed a homemade one, it can only help to keep cigars fresh if you install the right hygrometer. This guide provides you with all that you need to identify the right hygrometer and enjoy every cigar in your collection.

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