Best Drinks with Cigars

Best Drinks with Cigars

What is better than enjoying the flavor of a well-made cigar? Pairing it with an equally divine drink! Just like they say to move forward in life by listening to your gut, when it comes to cigars and pairings, always do what your palate tells you! You might end up liking some of the unusual pairings, sometimes even those never even considered popularly. It is because people have different taste preferences and just like your choice of a cigar is extremely personal, the drink that might sync for you also depends on your palate. Let us have a look around common and unusual drinks that you can sip while enjoying your cigar break.

List of Best Drinks That Go with Cigars

A Glass of Wine

Almost all of us like to treat ourselves to a glass of fine wine whenever we feel like it. Well, you can also take wine with a cigar, this way you have the best of both worlds! Pairing wine with a cigar might be tricky since there are plenty of options to choose and it can get confusing. But once you have found your duo, it is absolute bliss! Red wine is widely preferred with cigars as both their tastes will complement each other. If you want to try out a wine with your cigar, go for Chianti! Who knows you might end up liking the combo! Remember to serve the red wine at room temperature and keep a glass of water near you as the red wine can dehydrate you.

White wine is rarely paired with cigars. But if you are up for an adventure, try a mild, creamy cigar with Chardonnay. Make sure the wine is served chilled to prevent disappointment later.

The Good Old Rum

Rum and cigars are good old best friends. They both come from the same region and usually cigar-manufacturers also have rum. But stay away from cheap rums that can ruin the whole experience. If you choose wisely, you can get a mesmerizing pair.

Smells Like Coffee

Coffee and cigar should marry each other because they blend perfectly! Try to pair similar tasting coffee with similar tasting cigars. For instance, black coffee and Partagas Lusitanias make a perfect combo. The cigar balances out the bitterness of the coffee and the result is a unique taste that is best experienced than described. Coffee is a large category of drinks with its own story to tell. Just like cigars, the process of coffee production goes through a series of delicate, careful steps. Different types of coffee will give you an entirely different experience, feel free to mix and match different coffee with your cigars.

The Classy Cognac

It is often clichéd to be the best match for cigars. But when it comes to taking cognacs with cigars, please go for a properly aged drink to avoid disappointment. With age, the intensity of flavor increases, so older cognacs are best enjoyed with cigars like Maduro. In case you want to pair a young drink, go for a milder cigar.

Life’s a Cocktail

It is very hard to find where to begin. There are plenty of cocktails that can go well with cigars. You can go for full-on experimenting to find out which concoction will win the award for the best cocktail that goes with cigars! In case you need some ideas where to start of here are some suggestions. You can try the good old gin and tonic or you can go for old-fashioned which has a reputation among cigar lovers. In case you are a martini lover, you can try out different martinis with cigars, they can handle even a full-flavored cigar.

Risky Whiskey

If you haven’t tasted a glass of whiskey with your cigar you are wasting time. You can go for any of the usual combinations suggested by aficionados if you want to avoid the disappointment of pairing the wrong whiskey and cigar, effectively scaring the whole idea. But if you are excited about the idea of pairing these two classic products, pick up some of the daring whiskeys in the market you always wanted to taste. Try them with your regular cigars and find the one that satisfies your palate.


Martinis are now available in different flavors, so everyone will get something that is palpable for their taste buds.

If you have full-flavored cigars in your drawer, consider drinking martini while smoking the cigar. It tastes heavenly! You can try different flavors to find the best match with your cigar.

How does that sound?

Hold that thought! We have one more contender in the list of drinks that go well with cigars.

Drum rolls, please.

Port wine

So, we did talk about wine in general, but we didn’t mention that cigars go perfectly with a good old port wine. Port wine is quite sweet, but it is tasty. Non-vintage port wines have a woody hint, so it goes really well with cigars. You must try it once! As for vintage wines, they go well with full-bodied smoke.

That’s all, folks! The list has concluded and we are certain that you have found the perfect drink.

Concluding Thoughts

Cigars are one of those goods that made life better and we cannot thank the Mayans enough for introducing cigars into our lives. For all those cigar lovers who are going to pair drinks with a cigar, you may not instantly find the pair that syncs with your taste bud. But just as you took time to get used to smoking cigars, you will eventually find a combination that will become your personal favorite. Regardless of the drink of your choice, hope you would land with a duo that with make you enjoy your cigars a lot more. Whether it is rum, cognac, or coffee, the most important thing is to have a drink that you would love to have with your cigar and it doesn’t have to be a conventional choice of drink.

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