Best Cigar Humidors: Your Complete Guide

Joining the world of cigars is perhaps the biggest experience in your life. For many cigar aficionados, starting the smoking journey is like falling in love. You start with some skepticism but get the full thrill a few steps down the road. One thing you must have as a cigar enthusiast is a humidor for storage. This guide will help you to identify the best humidors for your cigar storage.

What is a Humidor?

A humidor is a cigar storage device for cigars. As the name suggests, the main role of humidors is ensuring that your cigars are maintained at the right humidity. Because the tobacco leaves used to prepare cigars are organic, they can easily decay if not stored properly. Therefore, humidors are used to provide the environmental conditions that are similar to the natural conditions that tobacco plants are used to in the tropics.

Best Cigar Humidors

The primary goal for using a humidor is creating a 70% humid and 70 degrees Fahrenheit condition. Call it the 70/70 rule. But this is only the first aim of acquiring a humidor. Other reasons why every cigar enthusiast needs a humidor include:

  • Helping to keep the cigar beetles away by maintaining temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Maintaining the natural oils in the tobacco leaves to ensure your cigars retain their flavors.
  • A good humidor helps to ensure you have an ample supply of the preferred flavor. In some cases, the humidor also helps to move cigars without compromising their flavors even when the time zones and climate changes.

The Main Types of Humidors

There are three main types of humidors:

  • Personal Humidors: These are the smallest humidors for storing only a dozen cigars. They can hold between 20 and 75 cigars. Therefore, they are ideal for travelers or semi-regular smokers.
  • Desktop Humidors: These humidors are designed to sit at the top of your cabinet or table and can hold about 5000 cigars. The wood used to make these humidors could have additional materials such as leather to enhance their aesthetics.
  • Walk-in Humidors: Think of this as a big wardrobe or room for storing cigars. They are designed for shops that sell cigars.

What are the Best Traits of a Good Humidor?

Though there are some people who insist on making own humidors, the process can be complicated. The better method of owning a humidor is buying from the market. Here are some useful tips that you can use to pick the best humidor for storing your cigars.

  • Pick the right humidor size: How many cigars do you smoke every day? Well, you need a humidor that can store enough collections to last you until you place the next order. The rule of the thumb is picking a humidor that can store slightly more cigars than you want.
  • Think about humidor’s portability: To put it differently, you need to ask, how often do you travel? The humidor of choice should allow you to carry your cigars easily. In many cases, you might need a bigger cabinet humidor to store a large collection of cigars and a smaller portable option to carry a few when traveling.
  • The accessories: The main accessories in a humidor are the hygrometer and thermostat. Though you can buy them separately to keep checking the temperatures and humidity of the humidor, it is advisable to look for the model that has the two inbuilt in its system.
  • The type of wood: The wood used to create a humidors act as a moisture buffer to help with humidity adjustment. The ideal humidor should be designed with temperate cedar. However, you could also consider Cherry and Mahogany.

Best Cigar Humidors in the Market

AMANCY Quality Brown Leather Handmade Humidor

If you are looking for a high-quality humidor to store cigars in top condition and enhance your house aesthetics, the AMANCY Quality Brown Leather Handmade Humidor is a great option. AMANCY developed this humidor after years of research and the results did not disappoint. Today, many people want to own the piece to enhance their home’s aesthetic appeal.

AMANCY Cigar Humidor


  • The humidor is designed with high-quality cedar that helps to maintain cigars in top conditions even when stored over a long period.
  • The finishing is done with high-quality leather that helps to enhance its aesthetics.
  • Its inbuilt accessories make it easy to automate the storage conditions.
  • It is sold with a money back guarantee of 60 days.


  • The humidor is relatively small because it can only store a maximum of 50 cigars. This implies that those who want to store more cigars have to look for bigger humidors.

This humidor’s rating is 9.0/10.

Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor

The modern smoker wants to get the thrill of every puff to come with a unique attachment. This was the target that Montello Cigars sought to achieve with this humidor. The humidor is designed with high-quality Spanish cedar lining that helps to retain your cigar’s flavor no matter the duration of storage.

Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor


  • The humidor is large and can store up to 100 cigars.
  • It is designed with high-quality Spanish cedar that acts as a humidity buffer.
  • It has inbuilt accessories including humidifier, tray, and divider.
  • Has a glass top that makes it easy to read hygrometer.


  • Though the humidor is large, it cannot be used to stock large quantities of cigars. However, the design was made as a desktop model for those seeking to only store about 100 cigars.

This humidor is rated 8.8/10.

High Gloss Lacquer Humidor

If you love to store a lot of cigars and seeking a humidor that can be part of your mainstream furniture, the High Gloss Lacquer Humidor from Prestige Import Group is a great option. The humidor is designed with a high capacity of up to 300 cigars. Many users refer to it as a golden jewel when installed in the living room.

Prestige Import Group 300 Ct. High Gloss Lacquer Humidor


  • Designed to handle high cigar capacities of up to 300. This is enough for most smokers.
  • It has an attractive outlook that makes the living room very appealing.
  • It features a unique design with trays and dividers that make it easy to manage your cigars.


  • The humidor is made from mahogany wood. Though it is aesthetically appealing, its humidity absorption is not as good as that of cedar.

This humidor is rated 8.4/10.


If you are a cigar aficionado, you need the best humidor to retain the cigar’s flavor. The above guide brings out the top three humidors that you should consider buying in the market. Do not just buy any humidor out there, go for the best.

Written by Cigars to Enjoy

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