The Best Cigar Coolers: The Ultimate Guide for You

If you love cigars, the most important thing to store them properly and retain their flavor is a cool and humid environment. For those who live in hot areas or during hot summers, you need to lower the temperatures. You need a cigar cooler or a coolidor. The coolers help to ensure that the temperature of the humidor remains within the natural tropical range.

The principle behind coolers is creating a perfect balance between humidity and temperatures for easier storage of your cigars. If the temperature of the humidor goes too high, it becomes difficult to maintain humidity at 70%. This is why you need a cooler. This post is a complete guide to help you pick the best cooler for your humidor.

Best Cigar Coolers

Types of Cigar Coolers

There are two main types of cigar chillers that you should consider.

Wine Cooler

Like the name suggests this cooler is designed to help keep wine cool. However, it also works well when used in a cigar humidor. Cigar enthusiasts prefer the wine cooler because it is designed with cedar shelves that make it easy to also maintain the right humidity for your cigars. It has inbuilt hygrometers to ensure the humidity remains at the preferred level.

Cigar Cooler

These coolers, also referred to as coolidors, are designed specifically for keeping cigars cool. Like the wine coolers, this model also comes with multiple shelves designed using cedar wood and feature inbuilt hygrometer to easily measure humidity.

How to pick the best Cigar Coolers

If you are in the market looking for a cigar cooler, here are some useful tips to help you pick the best:

  • Go for the design that is easy to install and use for cooling your humidor.
  • Pick the model that will work well with your humidor.
  • Only buy the cooler that is designed with the focus on quality.
  • Your cooler should be designed with top wood such as cedar to make it easy to maintain the humidity at the right level.
  • The right cooler should have inbuilt accessories to make it easy to monitor the temperatures and humidity.
  • Make sure to pick a bigger cooler to hold more cigars that you need.

The Best Cigar Coolers

NewAir CC-100 Cigar Cooler

This is one of the leading cigar coolers in the market because of its unique design that combines functionality and elegance. It is designed for cigar aficionados who want to store a lot of cigars. Its full capacity is 250 cigars which is more than most smokers need.

It is preferred by smokers because it helps to keep the cigars cool without causing noise or vibrations. This coupled with its fine finish makes it a great addition to enriching your living space furniture.

NewAir CC-100 Cigar Cooler


  • It is carefully designed with shelves of quality cedar that makes it easy to maintain humidity at 70%.
  • The shelves are carefully designed to ensure they can hold individual cigars or varying sizes or even boxes of cigars.
  • The thermostat and hygrometer are inbuilt to make it easy to control the environment for storing your cigars.
  • The construction using stainless steel makes it aesthetically appealing.


  • The cooler can only hold a maximum of 250 cigars. This makes it less ideal for cigar enthusiasts especially those who want to keep more than 1000 sticks.

This cooler is rated 8.2/10.

Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler

This cooler is another top option in the market that has won the affection of smokers because of its compact design. Note that though this cooler is relatively small, it can store up to 250 cigars. This is the same capacity with the bigger models such as earlier described NewAir CC-100 Cigar Cooler.

The design of this cooler includes removable drawers made using Spanish cedar. This makes it easy to store cigars of different sizes either individually or in boxes. Besides, the shelves can be removed easily to add or remove your cigars from the cooler.

Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler


  • The cooler features an adjustable thermostat that makes it easy to control temperatures.
  • The cooler is compact and can be stored in the living room or other spaces such as the bedroom.
  • Controlling the cooler and using it to keep the cigars cool is easy.
  • The cooler operates quietly without vibrations.


  • The cooler is not ideal for cigar enthusiasts who want to store more than 300 cigars.

This cooler is rated 8.5/10.

NewAir CC-300 400 Count Cigar Cooler

If you are looking for a large cooler that can store up to 400 cigars, the NewAir CC-300 400 Count Cigar Cooler is one of the top options in the market. It is a big cooler featuring a unique design of adjustable shelves. This means that you can store cigars of different sizes either individually or in boxes.

The system operates quietly and without vibrations. This means that you can add it in the living, study, or even bedroom without worrying about disturbances. However, many people prefer to use it in the living room because of its attractive outlook.

NewAir CC-300 400 Count Cigar Cooler


  • The cooler is large and can store enough collections for most smokers.
  • It features in-built accessories such as hygrometer, thermometer, and adjustable shelves that make its use easy.
  • The internal parts are constructed using Spanish cedar that acts as moisture buffer for tour cigars.


  • The cooler is large and might not work well for people with limited spaces.

This cooler is rated 7.9/10

Remington Cabinet [Wooden Cigar Cooler]

This cooler is different from others in this list because it deviates from the common wine cooler design. Instead, it is a wooden cabinet that features in-built tray systems. Besides, it can hold a large collection of up to 2000 cigars. This makes it a great option for stores and users who want to keep a lot of cigars.

It features inbuilt accessories such as hygrometer, thermostat and adjustable shelves for storing cigars. Its auxiliary fan-dehumidification system makes the cooler very effective in regulating humidity.

The Remingten Cabinet Humidor


  • The cooler is very large and ideal for storing large cigar collections.
  • Easy to calibrate hygrometer and thermostat.
  • The cherry wooden outlook and tinted door give the cooler an attractive outlook.


  • The cooler is very large and might not work for people who only want to store a few cigars.

This cooler is rated 8.5/10.


If you live in hot areas, maintaining your cigars in the best condition requires a highly effective cooler. This guide helps you to understand the coolers and outlines the best options in the market.

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