From London to Chicago, every cigar aficionado cherishes the thrill of smoking premium cigar flavors. Though picking the best cigar might be less tasking for veteran smokers, it is a rough road for new aficionados because of the many brands in the market. But it is not just the diverse brands that make picking the right cigars complex.

Since top cigars are made from tropical areas such as Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Cuba, counterfeiters have infiltrated the market and made it extra difficult to identify the right sticks. However, you should not let the counterfeits or diverse brands in the market stand on your way to picking the best cigar. This post is a comprehensive guide to the top five best cigars that you should have in your humidor.

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How to Choose the Best Cigar

Before a cigar enthusiast can pick a specific brand and tag it “the best” it is important to know the attributes to look for. The three most distinctive terms associated with cigar characteristics are flavor, body, and strength.


This term is used to denote the impact on the palate and nasal mucosa that an aficionado gets when smoking cigar. It means that you can experience the cigar based on the effect that the tobacco components yield on touch and taste receptors of the mouth and nose.

A cigar’s body can be rated as full, medium-full, medium, light-to-medium, or light. The greater the cigar impact, the greater the body of the cigar.


This is the distinctive taste of a cigar. A cigar can be light flavored or strong-flavored. Some of the main tastes used to describe the flavors include woody, spicy, animal and chemically. The flavor is the result of the chemical constituents in the tobacco. See the cigar flavor chart provided below:


The strength of a cigar’s smoke is experienced via the smoker’s internal senses just like the way people get the effects of alcohol. When smoking a cigar, you should expect to feel the impact of nicotine and even a raised respiratory rate.

The strength of a cigar is felt on the gut because of the gastric reaction to tobacco. You could also experience the strength in the head as a woozy feeling.

Now that you know about these terms and why they are so crucial to cigar aficionados, it is prudent to appreciate that smoking is very personal. Even if a specific brand could be so enthralling to your friend, it does not mean that it will also work for you. Therefore, here are the best cigars in the market for you to pick the ideal choice.

Top 5 Cigars in the Market

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro

This is one of the cigars that every aficionado will go to any length to get. You will find many smokers returning from holiday with a box full of Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro to celebrate back at home with friends. It is made with some of the oldest and most matured Cuba and Nicaragua tobacco that guarantees smokers of unrivaled smoking thrill. It is especially famed for the rich, earthy flavor with undertones of coffee.

Interestingly, most of the details of this cigar remain scanty. This makes it a great option to target for cigar tasting both at home and away. Well, one thing you can rest assured about Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro is that its flavor will make you fall in love with it.

A.J. Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Churchill

A.J. Fernandez has cut a name in the cigar community for its unique Cuban-style blending skills that give its cigars fullest flavors. The Enclave Broadleaf Churchill is one of the leading Cuban cigars in the market today. It comes with a rich peppery taste featuring impressive hints of cinnamon and chocolate. But hold on; that is not all!

Every cigar is hand-rolled and features rich Nicaraguan and Cuban tobacco that guarantees unrivaled taste. Whether you are new or veteran to smoking, this is one great cigar to put on the tasting list. Be prepared because it could become your favorite the moment you finish the first cigar.

Padron 1926 Series No. 1 Maduro

The Padron Cigars was founded close to one century ago by Jose Orlando Padron; a Cuban who wanted to ensure the entire world got a taste of the Cuban cigar flavors. The company has remained true to its founder’s dream of maintaining the original recipe. The 1926 Series No. 1 Maduro features rich silky flavors that keep aficionados asking for more.

This cigar is hand-made from Nicaraguan tobacco to guarantee smokers a special smoking experience. The unmistakable rich toasty finish has won this cigar high rating across the globe. Well, even if you fancy other flavors, this is one great cigar to try and add to your collections.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet

La Flor is one of the top cigar companies in the Dominican Republic. The founder, Litto Gomez, took more than 20 years honing his cigar production process. For La Flor, cigar production is all about quality and not quantity.

The Ligero Cabinet cigar is blend from Dominican, Brazilian, Peruvian and Nicaraguan tobaccos. This means that it pools impressive flavors with undertones of cedar and dark fruit. Therefore, if you are a cigar aficionado with a seasoned palette and seek to explore beyond Cuba, this is a fabulous place to start.

Sobremesa Robusto Largo Single Cigar

This cigar by Corona Cigar Company often sweeps new cigar enthusiasts off their feet because of its unique flavor. The name Sobremesa means a great time when people spend time together after dinner. The manufacturer wanted to advance the thrill of this great time. It did not disappoint.

The cigar is full-bodied and made from the rich Nicaragua tobacco. Then, it has long fillers blended with Pennsylvania Broadleaf ligero and enriched with Mexican binders. This complex combination results to a powerful, yet silky-smooth cigar that no cigar aficionado can resist.


Whether you are a new or veteran cigar aficionado, smoking a great flavored stick in the balcony with friends is a great experience. The top five best cigars provide you with the opportunity to explore new flavors and enjoy every smoking moment. If you want the best, go for the best.